When you visualize, you are emitting a powerful frequency to into the universe. Studies show that the brain activity between a weight lifter visualizing lifting a 300lb weight and him actually lifting the 300lb weight were nearly identical. I truly believe that if it can be thought of, it can be achieved. We are all capable. The only time we aren't able to achieve something, it's because we set limitations on it ourselves. Even things that seem to be external forces that we tend to believe "got in the way" can be moved around. Keep your eye on the prize and don't let anything deter you. You'll get there eventually.

What is a vision board? Vision boards have become very popular recently. Pinterest is probably to blame. They're my go-to for all things inspiration & DIY.  A vision board is basically a smorgasbord of inspiration, goals, and reassurance for you to stay focused on the things you want to achieve. Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. You can use an array of words, pictures, miscellaneous objects (I.e. bookmarks, event tickets, awards, etc.) that you want to manifest into reality. This can range from buying house, re-decorating your apartment, finding true love, finding self-love, traveling to Paris, getting a raise, starting your own business... the possibilities are endless and there is no wrong or right way to make a vision board. The moral of this whole project is to practice the art of NOT LIMITTING YOURSELF!

What you’ll need:

- Board of your choice 
         I used a 16x20" Canson Illustration/Comic art board
- Magazines to cut words and images from 
- Embellishments (optional) 
       Pearls, ribbons, jewels etc.
- Other misc. objects you wish to use 
Bookmarks, photographs, certificates, etc
- Glue stick
- Scissors
- An open area to work in

How to do it:

1. Write a list of personal goals you are focusing the board on
        First, begin with a list of short term and long term goals you have for the year (or whatever time frame you prefer – I targeted my vision board towards the 2018 year)
        If you don’t already have your goals written down, or you aren’t exactly sure what your goals are it’s time to dig deep. What are you currently unhappy with in your life? Your job isn’t paying you a livable wage? Your relationship is draining you? You feel unhealthy or lazy? Start with what you don’t like and figure out how you want to change these things. I.e. Read more on setting goals in my previous post New Year, New Goals // How to Keep your New Year's Resolutions
2. Choose your workspace
Choose music, light candles, burn incense, chant, gather your crystals, sing to your angels, bang drums, or anything else that supports you in feeling comfortable, relaxed, and tapped into your desires.
3. Cut out images/words/visuals that portray your goals. 
Be creative!
4. Rearrange all clippings on the board until you’re happy with the layout. 
This may require some additional cutting and searching for more content. 
5. Glue everything in place.
6. Hang (& frame) your vision board somewhere you will see it and be inspired by it daily
7. Put action behind your visions & congratulate yourself each time you bring any goal into fruition

My vision board focuses on what I want to achieve in 2018 mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and career wise. You can make your vision board for 2018 like I did or you can focus it on something more specific like your career or your new home. It's completely up to you! I plan to make a bunch of smaller boards for different areas of my life. This is my main board for 2018 which overs everything I wish to achieve. I focused each section of my board on different topics. The left ranges from living a happy and healthy lifestyle, maintaining a vegetarian diet, pursing my passions in art, photography and travel. The middle section is mainly focused on stepping outside my comfort zone and doing things that scare me, letting go of fear, doubts, and living a more active and earthly lifestyle. On the top right corner of my board I highlighted words that are associated with my identity such as Aquarius, Latina, Creator, Strong Spirit, etc. Although these are things that I don't necessarily need to achieve because they are absolute - I want to dig deeper into all of these aspects and get to know myself more. In 2017 I started digging into astrology a lot more and it helped me understand myself on a much deeper level. I want to continue to study astrology and my Zodiac as well as that of others because I believe it helps me navigate life and interaction with other people so much. I plan to do a blog post on this topic once I feel confident enough with the information. The bottom right portion of my board is all about success. I vow to read more books this year, sit front row at a fashion show during Fashion Week, work towards buying a Tesla, be more conscious of how harsh I come off to other people, travel the world and most importantly become self-employed.

I was originally planning on making my vision board by myself. I am very much a loner and I enjoy doing things independently. However, one of my everlasting goals is to build up the people around me and be surrounded by love and support, so I brought up the idea for a vision board party to my closest friends (We tend to have a really difficult time coming together.) Only one of my best friends was down to get together and make the boards. Side note: I was initially really upset that not everyone wanted to participate. I get really frustrated when people turn down an opportunity that is only beneficial for them. I spent way too many years trying to help people and it only ever drained me. So I've made it a point to learn to be more tolerable of other people's wishes even when I don't agree or understand them, because maybe I really don't know what's best for them. So my best friend Samantha and I made a little girls night of it. We made tea (would've been wine if I weren't sick with a cold because of this horrible NY weather), listened to music and caught up on our lives. It was a really great bonding experience. There's nothing better than working on productive things with the people closest to you. It was SO interesting to see how differently our boards turned out - which mirrored our personalities so well. We have a lot in common I.e. We were both cheerleaders in High School, and played the clarinet, we were in a lot of the same classes and we both have a huge drive for success. BUT, we also have a lot of differences. I'm much more artsy, edgy and risqué whereas she is more focused on health, family, and love which is evident on our boards. 

My Vision Board

My nephew walked in on me taking pics and insisted on me taking a picture of him

Samantha's Vision Board

Vision board parties are a great way to get together with friends and bond. You can discuss your goals before hand and explain your creative process of making your boards after they're finished. Grab some wine and finger foods and it's a party! Make sure you set the mood with a clear working space, music, candles, whatever it is that inspires you. 

You gotta believe it to see it, not the other way around.

I wish you all the best new year ever and hope that you all make it a point to become greater this year!


Brittany Jade

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A new year usually means new resolutions that most of us will forget about by the time February rolls around. Let's all make an active effort to stay on top of our goals and set plans into place to help us reach the next level we've all been dreaming of. Below I have listed some of my New Year resolutions and some tips on how to stick to your guns. It's time to cut the shit and get to it.

I like to set goals for myself every day, not just in the beginning of the year. However, there's something about a fresh start that awakens a monster of motivation within us. Here are some resolutions to help us stick to our resolutions. Ha! 

Write them down. It'll hold you more accountable. I also believe that writing things down makes them real; it's already thought of, now you just have to do it.

Create a vision board. Use old magazines or print out pictures and put inanimate objects on it. Get creative and make something that will inspire you every time you look at it.

Make a plan. Whether they're short term or long-term goals, you're going to need to figure out a realistic way to make them happen. i.e. If your goal is to find a new job by March, you might want to first update your resume, and apply to X amount of jobs per week.

Congratulate yourself every time you accomplish a new goal. It'll keep you motivated to continue.

Exercise. Whether you going your local gym, go for a run every morning, do yoga, dance, kickboxing, etc. Exercise is a crucial part of staying fit. Your body gets stronger, it gives you a huge boost of self confidence, you look better, and you tend to live longer. If you can afford a Personal Trainer, that's the perfect way to stick to your routine. Pinterest is a good place to find workout routines for what you want to work on as well. After few weeks it will be a natural habit & you'll start to actually look forward to exercising.

Eat well. Cut the junk out of your diet. You're not 5 years old anymore so chill on the Oreos & Cheetos. I highly recommend doing your research and finding a balanced diet that is best for you based on your body type, your lifestyle and your blood type. (Eat  Right for Your Blood Type)

Mental health is just as important as physical. Make sure you are constantly challenging yourself to be positive and become a better version of yourself without being too hard on yourself.
FREE YOURSELF. Read more on my recent blog post.

Create a savings plan. I transfer a certain amount into my short term saving account every 2 weeks (for bills & monthly expenses). Then, I send a certain amount to a high yield online savings account for my long term goals (i.e. New car, new apartment, new laptop, travel, etc.)

Cut down spending. Do you reaaaallly need that $5 coffee every day? Maybe try packing your lunch instead of eating out. Take a look at your last few month's bank statements and notice your spending trends. Now figure out a way to cut back on the unnecessary stuff.
Rule of thumb: If you can't afford to buy it twice (2x the price), then don't buy it.

Invest. They key is to make your money make money without you needing to do anything. Whether you want to get into stocks, cryptocurrencies, or CDs. Explore your options and be smart! The sooner you start, the better.

Increase your income. Gone are the days when people have one source of income. Studies actually show that the average millionaire has 7 sources of income . Whether you work a 9-5 or you're taking the road less traveled, you need to find multiple ways to make money. Aside from investing, there are multiple ways to stream more income. Try freelancing on your free time whether you are an artist, a photographer, a makeup artist, a gamer, a hairdresser and so on, there's a market for everything and social media makes it so much easier to build your own business or brand. Find a main side hustle and master it. Try selling your unwanted or unworn clothes. There's multiple apps for this i.e. Poshmark (My personal fave), Mercari, Letgo

I Will Teach You to be Rich This book has been my financial holy grail, It's basically a guide to financial freedom for the average person. I really recommend reading it.

Travel.  Far. Close. Alone. In a large group. Just book a ticket and go!
Try a new activity. Whether it's sky diving or learning to dance Salsa. Try some things you've always wanted to do but for some reason always found a reason not to.
Learn a new skill. If you want to learn how to edit videos or color hair, go for it. Not to mention it'll offer you another outlet to make money. With the internet nowadays, we have free information readily available to us so real you have no valid excuses.
Explore your city. Yup, like a tourist. Or like a local. Or maybe both. Challenge yourself to do things and go places that are out of the norm for you.

I cannot stress this one enough! This should be something that you strive for every single day, in all aspects of your life. They didn't lie when they said great things never came from comfort zones. 

Whether you want to be a nurse or a famous music artist, figure out what it is that sets your soul on fire and go for it full force. Don't let anybody else's doubts reflect on you and don't stop until you get there. You can't fail if you never quit.

Cow milk, bad friends, and a cheating boyfriend all have something in common: They are toxic for you! So stop being a weak a** b*tch and cut it out of your life. 
Notice the people who drain your energy, or who suddenly get all quiet when you share an accomplishment with them. If your relationship seems to drain you more than it fulfills you, maybe its time to let it go (Of course, you should do some self reflection first to make sure you aren't the issue.)
Cut out bad habits. Whether you smoke cigarettes, pop pills, self harm, bite your nails, lose your temper easily, listen to sad songs when you're already feeling depressed, etc. Stop treating yourself like trash. How can you live a happy and successful life if you're literally beating yourself down? Find healthy ways to cope with your inner demons. Yoga, meditation and twerking in the mirror help me. Lmao (no shame.)

Thank you so much for reading loves! Now let's put these goals into place and make this new year the best one yet.

What I'm Wearing:
Black Puffer Coat (Primark) | Red Button Leg Trousers (Mystique Boutique)
Nylon Booties (Zara) | Chinese Takeout Bag (Forever 21)

Photos by @senseinick


Brittany Jade

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My longest and most difficult challenge through my entire life has been finding inner peace or “freeing myself.” I grew up in a pretty negative environment so reacting to outside factors, waiting for the next bad thing to happen and being negative-minded was a natural thing to me. The older I got the more this became a burden to me and it eventually developed into depression and anxiety. It wasn’t until I went away to college and physically separated myself from a familiar place that I really learned to retrain my mind, body and soul. Looking back, I’ve made so much progress and my accomplishments can attest to it. Once I started taking active responsibility for the good AND especially the bad in my life and thinking positively, my whole life changed for the better. 

Some things that helped me become more conscious of my thoughts and remain centered were meditation, yoga, reading self-help books and listening to positive affirmations (this especially helped when I was having an anxiety attack – just search ‘Positive Affirmations’ on YouTube). My favorite self-help book is The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A Singer. It gets really deep about consciousness and separating your physical body from your spirit. It really helped me put things into perspective and I truly have been more grounded and conscious since I adopted the methods they promote in the book.

I’d like to share a short piece of writing from one of my favorite motivators on Instagram (@Idillionaire) that pretty much sums up this whole subject.

Calmness is a superpower. The ability to not overreact or take things personal keeps your mind clear and your heart at peace. You have to learn how to not be controlled by other people’s negativity. You can’t walk around with a button that can easily be pushed. You can’t be swayed left or right every second by what others outside of you are saying and doing. You have to learn how to be in control of your inner emotions and gain inner stability. Be too great for negativity and nonsense.

Your emotions:
You might not realize this, but you choose how you want to feel. You choose to be sad, happy, excited, up and or down. However, when people don’t understand this, they become reactors. Reactors, tie their inner emotions to things, people, situations, and or circumstances. They wait till “this” happens to be happy. They can’t be excited unless “that: happens. Have you noticed, that when you’re just happy for no reason, people ask, “What are you so happy about?” It’s like we can’t just be in that state, without having a reason. And for most people, if there is no reason to be happy, they are either sad or depressed waiting for something on the outside to shift their inner state.

Start choosing your inner state:
First step is deciding how you want to feel. If you don’t decide, you’ll be waiting for something on the outside to decide for you. When you make a clear-cut decision, nothing will alter that state, if you keep your vision on the choice you made. You have the most effect on your reality when you feel good. Feeling good aligns you to the things you desire. The environment might look the same; but the mind looking at it has changed. Know that your inner reality, controls your outer reality.

Be free:
I know you might not have been taught this, but you’re meant to feel good for no reason. You’re meant to be happy for no reason. You’re meant to smile for no reason. Let yourself go and be free. You no longer have to wait to get these feelings. You no longer have to expect others to give it to you to get these feelings. We have to stop tying ourselves down when we’re meant to fly.

Thanks for reading loves. I really hope you learn to free yourself as well! 

Photography by Odd Native 

What I'm Wearing:
Denim Jacket (L Train Vintage) | Floral/Paisley Blouse (Vintage)
High Waist Jeans (ZARA) | Suede Chelsea Boots (Steve Madden)
Black Pashmina Scarf | Retro Cateye Sunnies (Fantaseyes)


Brittany Jade

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I think it's easy to be thankful for things that are naturally in good spirits. Good health, a loving partner, a happy family, a good paying job. But real gratitude is when you can be grateful for the things that aren't so pretty. We all know life isn't always shits & giggles, so it's important to maintain a grateful heart even when shit hits the fan. Below is a list of my biggest struggles that I learned to look at in a positive light.

  • OVERTHINKING. If I had a dollar for every time I stressed myself out while overthinking, I’d be on a private jet headed to my bungalow mansion in the Maldives right now. Overthinking can cause you to miss out on a lot of great opportunities so i try my best to not let it dictate my actions even though i feel the need to go through all the motions mentally. I’m grateful for my overworked mind because it has also lead me to a lot of great successes. I like to think of all possible outcomes of a situation and in some cases this helps, like how to graduate college early, or how to lower my credit card debt, or how to travel around Europe for as cheap as possible. It’s probably why I always did well in school and excelled in any position I’ve held. 

  • GETTING MY HEART BROKEN. Nothing will break you down like love gone wrong. We are partially at fault for having such high hopes and expectations for people to fit this perfect image we have for our partner. But really what is love without hope? It would just be boring. So as much as it hurts, and as much as it makes you question yourself and what you did to deserve being done so dirty, once you come to terms with the fact that it was never YOU that was the issue you find peace. I never thought I’d be in the situations I was in in my last relationship. It got extremely toxic, from white lies to huge ones, cheating, manipulation, disrespect. I always swore I’d never be “that girl.” But let me tell you, it’s not as easy to get out of as you think. Too many times I felt hopeless and “stuck.” Im so grateful I found the strength to leave a toxic situation even though in my heart I wanted so badly to believe things would get better. Sometimes you can truly love a person but that doesn’t mean that they’re good for you. The challenges and pain i had to overcome from this situation made me better in so many ways. It humbled me, because of course i thought “I’d never get cheated on..I’m too good of a woman for that.” But truth is, it doesn’t matter how great you are, how many times you hold shit down emotionally or financially, how many massages you give your man, how bomb your sex is, how independent you are, if a person is going to cheat, they’re going to do it regardless. It also taught me the importance of self love. Never ever ever forget your worth, especially when you fall in love (because that is the easiest time to get lost in someone else and forget who tf you really are). Most importantly, never let a person who is bad for you make you colder, you’ll only be doing yourself a disservice. 

  • BEING A  MISFIT. I’ve never really “fit in” anywhere. I was kind of like a walking oxymoron. I was a “cool kid” in honors classes. Too cool for the nerds, and too nerdy for the cool kids. Being mixed, I was too white for the Spanish kids and too Spanish for the white kids. I went to a predominantly white elementary school because the schools in my neighborhoods weren’t as good. But of course i was too “ghetto” for most of the kids at school and too “proper” for the kids on my block.  I was head cheerleader in High School But i also played the clarinet in the school band and marching band. At pep rallies I’d have to play the National Anthem in my clarinet in my cheer uniform then run to lead my cheer team into our routine. I don’t click well with females, but a female can’t have guy friends or she’s a “hoe” or they just catch feelings and shit gets awkward. It goes a lot deeper than this but I think I’ll save that for its own post soon. Moral of the story is I never fit in anywhere and there was a time where it really took a toll on my confidence and happiness... but I’ve learned to embrace it and own my individuality. It means learning to truly enjoy my own company, and be at peace knowing that i may never connect with people on the level that I want to. 

  • BEING A PERFECTIONIST. OCD is an understatement. I’m an organization freak, a control freak, an over-achiever and so on.  It comes in handy when you’re in college and on e-board for two clubs, work two jobs, need to schedule naps between classes and turning up and you plan every hour of your day in your planner...BUT it has definitely caused me a few grey hairs and a lot of headaches. Through all the stress I’ve learned the importance of letting go and to just let things flow and be ok with the fact that I do not have control. 

  • BEING BULLIED. Oh boy. Middle school kids are so freaking mean. LET ME TELL YOU. Thankfully, social media was only just emerging when I was in middle school, i can’t imagine how hard it must be on the kids now with all these social networks. MySpace and AIM were the hottest things back then (GOD I’M OLD.) I was bullied A LOT in middle school. Both online and at school. Some of the most common thugs I was made fun of for (and this was every single day) were my short legs, my big forehead, my big head, having hairy arms, being a “slut”. I can’t even tell you the kind of rumors that we’re going around about me WHEN I WAS 12 YEARS OLD. I couldn’t use the bathroom at school without being taunted by older or bigger girls calling me all kinds of names, trying to intimidate me, writings on the bathroom stalls about me and even boys would taunt me too. I dealt with a lot of ridicule from people I didn’t know as well as friends and family (although i don’t know that they’re really aware of how much the negatively contributed.) It definitely took a mental and emotional toll on me, even physical. I went into a depression in 7th grade, I never wanted to go to school, so I was absent a lot or late every day just so I can avoid the early morning crowds going into school and on the city bus. I just didn’t understand why my existence bothered people so much. I never talked about anyone, started any drama or gave anyone a reason to have a problem with me. I was just a girl who got good grades, played the clarinet, dressed weird and minded my business. I had like four best friends who i hung out with (2 of whom I’m still best friend with.)  Thankfully I could talk to my mom about what i was going through and she kept me grounded and reminded me constantly to not let other people’s personal issues hold me back from living my best life. This experience played a large part in the person i am today. It taught me not to care what other people think of me, and if they’re trying to bring me down it’s only because they have issues they need to deal with themselves. It taught me compassion and to never be mean to people. You have no idea what someone can be going through. 

  • BEING A FEMALE. We all know that unfortunately in this society, women have to work a lot harder to get what is so freely given to men. We have to do all this all the while bleeding for a week straight every month. We are held to higher standards but not given nearly the same rewards as men. Being a minority woman makes it even harder to get ahead. As much of a challenge it is, I’m grateful for it  because it made me go harder in every aspect of my life. I was raised by a strong, independent woman so I’ve seen first-hand how much a woman can accomplish on her own. And truly there’s nothing more powerful then empowered women coming together to support eachother and build eachother up. There’s such a rewarding feeling behind being the underdog and coming out on top, and i feel like that’s what it’s like being a woman in America today. 

  • BEING AN ADULT. You’re never prepared for the “real world” no matter how many lectures you hear on it or how many crash courses you take. It’s always gonna slap you in the face one way or another. My slap in the face was 6 months after I graduated college when my mom told me she was moving and cutting me off financially. I was focusing on building my brand at the time and really did not want to work a 9-5 if I didn’t have to. Unfortunately, that ended quickly and I was forced to “grow up” and get a job and support myself. It took me a reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy long time to get used to it and not be totally bitter about the situation. Anyone who knows me knows how unconventional I am. I hate routine. I hate authority. I hate the never ending cycle of normalcy most people succomb to in this society. I’m finally learning to see the bright side of my situation though. I landed a great job, some may even say career, in the field I went to school for, I’m working in the heart of the fashion district on 5th Ave in Manhattan, and I don’t receive support from anyone

  • BEING RAISED BY A SINGLE MOM. I had to learn at a young age that the world was not all sweet and dandy. I grew up in an abusive household, and my parents split when I was 4 years old. Growing up with a single mom who worked her ass off to support me and my older brother was definitely a challenge. As a child you don’t understand why relationships don’t work out and your just left wondering why someone who created you wouldn’t want to be in your life. My mom was always working to make ends meet so she wasn’t always able to come to my school book sales, band concerts, cheer performances, Parent-Teacher conferences and so on. I always felt left out when the other kids had their parents there for everything but hindsight is 20/20. I’m grateful because it taught me to be independent and I truly don’t know how my mom did such an amazing job on her own. I was aware of the damage that a toxic relationship can cause to both the people in it and surrounding it at a really young age. I learned a lot of lessons about love, respect, hard work and most of all perseverance from growing up with a single mom. 

  • BEING BROKE. All my life all I’ve known is struggle. Too many times we went without luxuries most people are used to like cable, junk food, AC, new clothes, the newest in technology, etc. It humbled me and taught me not to place value on trivial things. I learned to make the most of what little I had and worked harder so i wouldn’t have to struggle for the rest of my life. I learned to be frugal and strategic with my money. Most importantly, I was taught to give to people in need even if i don’t have much to offer. 
  • ANXIETY. I mention this one a lot. It was the biggest struggle I’ve ever faced. That’s probably because it was an internal battle rather than something external. I’m still fighting to find the words to explain how debilitating anxiety can be. Everyone experiences it differently and it sounds crazy to people who haven’t experienced it. At the bottom of it all anxiety taught me to appreciate the most basic aspects of life, especially life itself. Too many times when my anxiety swallowed me and dying sounded so much more appealing then living through it. Now, I appreciate breathing normally, and being around people I love without being jittery and my mind running wild, i appreciate when my heart beats at a normal pace and when my stomach isn’t turning. I appreciate falling asleep peacefully and not waking up to a racing heart and scary thoughts. I am so grateful for feeling normal. 
Photography by Elizabeth Malave

Thanks for reading!


Brittany Jade

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