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Last Day of Winter

To celebrate the last day of winter, I decided to go with dark colors today. Light, soft colors are big for this Spring, so I figured I'd get the most out of these clothes before I pack them away and bring out my fun Spring pastels.

 Denim vest designed by myself (H&M), Purple crop top (Forever21), High waist parachute pants (Thrift store), Moccasin booties (Traffic).

I woke up today not feeling so well, so I wanted to wear something that was comfy and cute. These high waisted pants are extremely comfortable because they have a stretchy waist band and are loose-fitting until they reach the ankle. I personally prefer to pair crop tops with high-waisted bottoms in order to show off the silhouette of the pants, and this purple shirt went perfectly with the chestnut booties because they are both rusty colors. The crop-top trend will survive another year through the Spring/Summer 2013 season, so it seemed like a perfect way to transition from the Winter season to Spring. I bought this vest initially as a denim jacket, and I didn't like the way the sleeves fit me so I cut them off and turned it into a vest. The floral material on the back of the vest was cut out from one of my old lace shirts that I no longer wear and sewed on to create more detail to the vest.

I created this hairstyle using a home-made sock bun (Already made sock buns are available at H&M, Claire's, etc.) . First, you put your hair into a high pony tail tying the scrunchie tight to avoid looseness when applying the sock bun. Then you pull all your hair through the center of the sock and push the sock to the beginning of your ponytail (where the scrunchie is). Then, you pull to sock down, about 2 inches from the tips of your hair and you tuck the hair over the sock to create a "hair donut". After, you roll the hair with the sock up towards the top of your pony tail, tucking loose hairs in after each complete roll. When it reaches the top of your ponytail and covers the scrunch, adjust it until it feels secure and VOILA you've got a perfect bun!  Use bobby pins to fix any mistakes or loose hairs.

Quote of the Day

In a world full of followers, dare to stand out. And what better way to show your real personality than through fashion? If you like it, GO FOR IT no matter what others have to say. The greatest people in history didn't get to that point by fitting in with the crowd, they LEAD the crowd.

Quote of the Day

You could never go wrong with a bold black outfit! Black is a very classy yet edgy color, giving you a sophisticated look & not to mention its dark contour makes you appear slimmer ;)