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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, it's time to get back to work and I'll sure be doing A LOT of that with finals approaching and the Spring Fashion Show this weekend. I wanted to share some good news with you guys; I got elected for the Public Relations chair for the Student Fashion Society. I am pleased to assume the position and super excited to keep you all updated on what we have planned for next semester! 

 Blouse: Necessary Clothing | Skirt & Tights: H&M | Studded Litas: SoleStruck | Bag: Mandees | Accessories: F21

I had a Fashion presentation today, so I had to dress semi-professional. I threw on a blouse and heels embellished with a bunch of studs, spikes, and jewels to add some spice to the outfit. Sheer blouses are IN this season and white can be worn with anything. I kept it simple with a black skirt that I got from H&M a while back. It has come in handy many times, whether I want to dress it up or down. 

  Adding a pop of color to a simple outfit is the perfect way to bridge the gap between plain and plentiful. This bright yellow bag was the perfect addition. I stuck with silver accessories to bring out the studs/spikes on the blouse and shoes. These Litas are my FAVORITE shoe. Ever. They embody the perfect balance between rebel and elegant. Casual or formal, you're FREE to choose however you want to wear them. (Not to mention they make the perfect defense weapon in case of an emergency! LOL.)

This is one of my favorite hairstyles, the side french-braid. It's pretty simple and can you can make it look neat or messy, I usually do it when my hair is curled for a messy look but this  outfit called for a neater hairstyle. First, you part your hair on the side you usually part it on and begin the braid at the opposite side of the head, all they way to the end, then tie it up and you're done! You can pull some random hairs out to add some texture.

I love being able to show my personality through my outfits, especially when a specific look is required of me. It's the perfect way to express FREEDOM THROUGH FASHION.




The Spring weather isn't quite in full effect yet up here in Oneonta but, today was pretty warm and breezy so I decided to throw on a floral top, shorts with tights, and a light jacket.

Necklace: F21 | Velvet Jacket: F21 | Lace top: American Apparel | Braided Belt: Rue21 | Shorts: Salvation Army | Stockings: H&M | Oxfords: Traffic Shoes | Bag: F21 | Double-finger flower ring: F21 | Earrings: Salvation Army

It was a crucial winter in Upstate, NY so you can imagine how excited I am that Spring is finally here! The flowers haven't begun to bloom yet, and all the plants and trees are still dull from the Winter, so I chose an outfit that would brighten up the day. The scenery goes perfect with this look because it really captures the "WANDERLUST" concept: "A strong desire to travel (wilderness)." While wandering around the woods with my friend, I found this little dirt hill and it turned out to be a PERFECT spot to take photos!

Loose shirts look awesome when tucked into shorts with a belt that compliments the color scheme of the outfit. These emerald green shorts were only $2.99 at The Salvation Army and I am absolutely obsessed with them! According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report: Spring 2013, Emerald Green is really IN this season and it can be paired with so many different colors! I decided to go with this white lace top from American Apparel and added this maroon tailored jacket from Forever 21 because the colors complimented each other so well! I finished up the outfit with all neutral colors in my shoes and accessories.

I stuck with neutral shades for my makeup, using the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay and Revlon's Stormy Pink lipstick.
I bought this bag from Forever 21 a few years back and I still find perfect use for it. I love the vintage look that the lock adds to it and the colors make it easy to pair with any outfit!


Quote of the Day

I stumbled upon this quote and just HAD TO post it on the blog because I entitled one of my Outfit posts "Dark N' Daring" in which it focused on going beyond the norm and taking risky style opportunities. The most important thing to think about when picking out an outfit is that it's okay to go above & beyond. Throw two pieces together that you would have normally never thought to combine. Go shopping in your mom's closet. When shopping in stores, try on something funky and different that makes you think  "I could never pull this off!" Trust me, you can pull off whatever you want to pull off.; it may require some altering because certain items compliment different body types/skin color/etc. However, CONFIDENCE IS KEY, so don't be afraid to try something new! (:


Quote of the Day

This quote says it ALL. Designer clothes are unaffordable for the average working person, but that shouldn't hold you back from being fashionable! As you have seen in my outfit posts, the majority of my clothes are from thrift stores and average retail stores. Thrifting is the best way to find a cute outfit for cheap. There is nothing wrong with bargain shopping, in fact the less money you spend on the actual garments the more money you have left over to buy cute separates and fun accessories to complete the outfit! This is the perfect opportunity to show your personality, GET CREATIVE!

 Remember, it's not about WHAT you wear but HOW you wear it.


Dark N' Daring ft. L.A. VIBES

Spring Break is over & I'm back at school (Upstate NY). The Spring weather hasn't reached us yet, and I'm beginning to get a bit homesick. This dope L.A. VIBES wrap-around tee says "NYC" all over it, so it was a perfect choice considering my circumstances. I threw it together with a beanie, acid-washed jeans, a military jacket, combat boots, a colorful handbag, some fun accessories and edgy makeup.

"L.A. VIBES (Lost Art) is a streetwear culture that strongly vibes with street slang, drugs, & the raw lifestyle we live in New York City. Here we are giving you an adequate vibe for street apparel, our culture & life on the inside." 

---> Feel the Vibe at <---


 Black Slouch Beanie: Amazon | Sashimi Military Jacket: Nordstrom | 
L.A. VIBES Tee: | Acid-washed Jeans: H&M | 
Studded Combat Boots: Lola Shoetique | Fashion Collage Handbag: Icing by Claire's |
Cross Earrings & Cross Double-Finger Ring: Amazon | Multi-Chain Necklace: Salvation Army | Cross Cut-Out Bracelet: F21

Studs were popular for the Fall/Winter season & they will remain popular for the Spring/Summer season. They are the perfect way to spice up your outfit and give you an edgy look and they come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. If you're going for a daring look, choose something with A LOT of Spikes (Combinations of studs & spikes also work). If you want to play it safe, choose something with less studs (The flatter the stud, the safer). They can be found on clothes, shoes & accessaries in almost any store ( F21 | H&M | Charlotte Rousse | Necessary Clothing | Urban Outfitters | etc.). Also, don't be afraid to buy your own studs and personally add them onto your clothes as you desire. BE CREATIVE! 

Hats are my new obsession and they're the perfect way to add detail to an outfit without doing TOO much! As I said before, it doesn't feel like Spring in Upstate NY, so this beanie was the perfect way for me to keep warm and still achieve the look I was going for. Beanie's are very versatile and can be worn with jeans and boots (Like I wore it) for an edgy look or they can be worn with skirts and/or dresses for a more chic, yet laid-back look. Acid-washed jeans are very old-school and they add flava to any outfit; Perfect when paired with a basic t-shirt.

To complete this look, I added some edgy makeup. Dark, bold colors go best with this look so I created a (very) thick cat-eye that covered my whole lid, defined my eyebrows with a dark brown eyebrow pencil, lined my lips with black eyeliner and added Revlon's Va Va Violet Lipstick to the rest of my lips. I am not very experimental with makeup: the cat-eye, pink blush, and lipstick has been my signature look for as long as I can remember. However, it's always fun to try something new and always keep in mind that you don't want your makeup to perfectly match what you're wearing (TACKY!) Try to choose colors that compliment your look for that day: For a soft, spring-like look go with light colors and neutrals & for a more edgy look stick to dark colors and throw some neutrals in with them

Stay Dope,