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The Spring weather isn't quite in full effect yet up here in Oneonta but, today was pretty warm and breezy so I decided to throw on a floral top, shorts with tights, and a light jacket.

Necklace: F21 | Velvet Jacket: F21 | Lace top: American Apparel | Braided Belt: Rue21 | Shorts: Salvation Army | Stockings: H&M | Oxfords: Traffic Shoes | Bag: F21 | Double-finger flower ring: F21 | Earrings: Salvation Army

It was a crucial winter in Upstate, NY so you can imagine how excited I am that Spring is finally here! The flowers haven't begun to bloom yet, and all the plants and trees are still dull from the Winter, so I chose an outfit that would brighten up the day. The scenery goes perfect with this look because it really captures the "WANDERLUST" concept: "A strong desire to travel (wilderness)." While wandering around the woods with my friend, I found this little dirt hill and it turned out to be a PERFECT spot to take photos!

Loose shirts look awesome when tucked into shorts with a belt that compliments the color scheme of the outfit. These emerald green shorts were only $2.99 at The Salvation Army and I am absolutely obsessed with them! According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report: Spring 2013, Emerald Green is really IN this season and it can be paired with so many different colors! I decided to go with this white lace top from American Apparel and added this maroon tailored jacket from Forever 21 because the colors complimented each other so well! I finished up the outfit with all neutral colors in my shoes and accessories.

I stuck with neutral shades for my makeup, using the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay and Revlon's Stormy Pink lipstick.
I bought this bag from Forever 21 a few years back and I still find perfect use for it. I love the vintage look that the lock adds to it and the colors make it easy to pair with any outfit!



  1. Beauty big girl

  2. Hay Gurrl. I noticed from your posts that you buy a lot of your clothes from the Salvation Army. I was wondering if there was a specific place on the island or in the city where you go. lmk Thanks!

    1. Hey love! I actually get most of my stuff from The Salvation Army in Oneonta, you'd be surprised how much stuff you can find there if you really look. Back at home, I like to shop at thrift stores in the city around 14 st, Buffalo Exchange is my favorite.