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Hey loves!
 It was a super hot day in the city so I paired this bohemian headpiece with a lightweight denim dress to create this simple boho-chic look.

Headpiece: Amazon | Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange | Dress: Salvation Army | 
Belt/Braceletes/Bag: Forever 21| Sandals: Mandee

I bought this dress from the thrift store originally as a maxi dress with the intentions of cutting it when I brought it home. It's very airy, making it the perfect choice for a comfy outfit on a hot summer day. To give the outfit more detail I overloaded on accessories; an important part of the boho look.
Accessories. Accessories. Accessories! I can't stress how important accessories are in your outfit when going for a bohemian look. I paired three different sets of bangles together with a multi-colored ring on one hand, and two braided bracelets with a double-finger ring on the other. The gold braided belt adds the perfect amount of detail to the dress and calls attention to all the gold accessories I'm wearing. Big round sunglasses scream BOHO all over and not only do they flatter a variety of face shapes, but they make a bold fashion statement!

Peace. Love. Fashion.



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