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Happy Sunday! It's been such a long week for me and I'm finally finding the time to do an outfit post. I thought I'd let you guys know that I finally bought an external hard-drive so I can empty out my computer and hopefully it will function normally, which means MORE BLOG POSTS! (:

Now on to today's outfit . . .

So today's outfit is a bit of a blast from the past with these denim overalls I thrifted and cut into a top, a style recently seen on Rihanna. It turns out that the denim matched perfectly with these denim shorts I also picked up at a thrift shop, so I paired them with a purple tank and my navy blue Converse to keep the laid-back look. My hair was pin-up inspired; I curled it and did a side french braid (details in earlier post: Spiked), and tied a bandana on to complete it. Cutting my overalls into a top was a very risky chance I was taking, but I ended up being very happy with the results. I like to reconstruct things into something new and different and this top is definitely different. That's one of the most important things about style, not to be afraid to think out of the box sometimes and just go for it! If you feel good about it, you'll look good in it(:

XoXo Stay Cool,
Brittany Jade 

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