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Quote of the Day

It's been a while since I've done one of these. This quote by my inspiration, Marilyn Monroe, is a lot deeper than it seems. What Marilyn Monroe was trying to say is that a confident woman can achieve ANYTHING! Believe in yourself and you will go far. 

To go a little deeper . . .
Confidence comes from within, and you will never be happy if you wait for outside influences to boost your self-esteem. Don't let the media and society brainwash you into believing that beauty is 6'0 tall and  as thin as a toothpick. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so embrace yourself FLAWS AND ALL. 

Fashion Tip: Don't try to squeeze into something just because it looks nice on someone else. You'll be surprised how happy you are when you wear something that compliments YOUR body.

So, throw on your cutest pair of heels, gloss your lips, and start conquering! (:

Brittany Jade


Happy Thursday everyone! Here's a cute, trendy outfit idea for the weekend. 

Top & Skirt: Love Culture | Sandals & Bag: Forever 21 

First, short skirts were in, then it was maxi skirts, now asymmetric hemlines have made their way into mainstream fashion. Inspired by runway looks seen at SS13 Fashion Week, this design is the perfect addition to a summer outfit. There are a bunch of different varieties ranging from casual to couture, I went for a more casual look with my asymmetrical skirt. I paired it with a red cut-out crop top, another new trend inspired by the runway. Cut-outs offer the perfect amount of sex appeal without showing too much skin. They're fun and affordable, definitely a must have this Summer season!

Pair a beanie with your favorite maxi skirt for a laidback, yet girly look. This happens to be one of my FAVORITE looks. I just love the sporty twist that the beanie adds to the outfit. Of course, finish it up with round sunnies and you're good to go!

Brittany Jade

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Hey loves! So today's outfit post is a bit funky. My motivation in choosing my outfits is how I'm feeling that day. This outfit was a result of me feeling really bold, fun, and not to mention HOT! I hope you guys enjoy!(:

 Scarf: (shop similar) Etsy | Bustier: Joyce Leslie | Necklaces: Love Culture | Pants: Buffalo Exchange | Spiked Litas: Solestruck | Bag: F21

Today was one of those days where I felt like wearing a really bold and bossy outfit. This outfit is perfect for a concert/festival, I wouldn't wear it otherwise because just like there's a time and place for everything, there are certain outfits that aren't appropriate for certain situations. You are a brand, and your image is your selling point. You want people to respect you so you must be aware of what your appearance says about you. 
Now on to the outfit, I love love love these pants! They're super comfy and definitely flashy. I paired them with a black bustier and threw a lightweight fringe scarf over it to cover up some skin. These spiked Lita's gave this outfit a very edgy look. My accessories tied this look together. I paired my BOSS chain with my triangle chain to add some spark to my mid-section. Of course, I couldn't forget my favorite ring, the double-fingered cross, my pyramid earrings, my black watch and gold bangles. These round sunnies finished off the look and gave it the perfect amount of "laid-back"ness. 

 I would like to end this post by encouraging you to think outside of the box when styling your outfits/shopping. Pick out something that catches your eye and have fun with it! Whether it's casual or funky like my pants here, rock them LIKE A BO$$.

Stay Dope,
Brittany Jade


Hey loves! Hope you all had a great July 4th. I spent mine at a BBQ relaxing poolside with friends. Today's look features my new Mind Gone Tee. I decided to style it a bit different than you'd usually see someone wearing a basic t-shirt. This outfit combines a bit of casual, and urban to create a cool summer look.

T-Shirt: c/o Mind Gone (IG: MindGone_CEO) | Skirt: H&M | Bag: Forever 21 | Shades: (Shop Similar) Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Steve Madden

Do you have a few t-shirts lying around and don't know what to do with them? Have some fun with them and cut them up, or just simply style them like I did here. I just rolled up the sleeves a bit and tied the shirt in a knot in the front to make the shirt look more girly. I kept with the girly look and threw on a black bodycon skirt from H&M and my favorite oxfords from Steve Madden. I paired it with these round sunnies, which are super trendy and my gold chain necklace. I chose to wear my chestnut bag, but when you wear black and white you can go crazy with your bag to give the outfit a pop of color.

Stay Cool,
Brittany Jade