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It breaks my heart to throw out old clothes, so I invent new ways to wear them instead! I outgrew one of my dresses and cut it into two separate shirts. This outfit will show you how I styled the bottom half of the dress. Hope you like!(:

     Shirt: (originally a dress) f21 | Mesh pants: American Apparel | Sandals: (shop similar) f21 | Bag & Accessories: f21

So I got these mesh pants on sale at American Apparel and I planned to wear them to the beach, over my bathing suit. I wanted to figure out another way to put them to use so I just threw on some dark spankies under them and paired them with sandals and a cute tube top. Mesh fabric is perfect for the summer, it's very breathable and lightweight. 

I made this top out of a dress I outgrew from f21. All I did was cut the dress straight across the waistline and I now have this tube top and a cute tank crop top. I scrunched the middle of the top together and pinned it together with a safety pin to create a cute sweetheart neckline. I loved the way this yellow bag contrasted with the maroon color of the pants.

P.S. Look out for my clothing line, items will be dropping soon! Comment below if you have any suggestions of items you'd like to see (:

Brittany Jade