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Student Fashion Society

As some of you may know, I am the Public Relations Chair for the Student Fashion Society at my school. I wanted to share this flyer I made for the club with you guys. The theme of the year is VOGUE so I created a VOGUE inspired magazine cover introducing the club and the events we will be holding this year.

We have three large events planned this semester, which are a Halloween Costume party, a Dress for Success Fashion Show, and a Looks for Less Fashion Show. The Halloween Costume party is set for the end of October and we will hold a contest for Most Creative Costume and Most Creative Makeup. I can't wait to see what the members have ins tore for us! We are collaborating with the Career Development Center for the Dress for Success Fashion Show to show students that it's possible to look fashionable when dressing professional. The Looks for Less Fashion Show consists of stylists recreating celebrity looks at an affordable price, or even with clothes they already have in their own closet.
I can't wait to see how the events turn out and I will definitely be doing some posts on them to let you guys know how they went!(:

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Brittany Jade


 Hat, Shirt, Skirt & Jewelry: Forever 21 || Body Chain: Amazon || Bag: H&M || Shoes: SoleStruck

I am a firm believer that everyone is born with a purpose. I feel that my purpose is to make a difference in the world, one way or another. Part of making a difference means standing out and just being different. Anyone who knows me knows what a weirdo I am, so when I saw this "NORMAL IS BORING" crop top in F21 I had to have it! When I stumbled upon this top I was actually searching for a cute maxi skirt. I thought this forest green one would go perfectly with the top and it was a perfect transition color to bridge the gap between the Summer and Fall season. This tan fedora was a perfect addition to the outfit in every way. The color is a perfect neutral to keep with the earth tone theme I had going on here, plus fedoras look super cute with maxi skirts! I spiced up the outfit a bit with my spiked Lita's. The skirt was a little long on me, so the shoes gave me enough height to avoid stepping on the bottom of the skirt when I walk. 

I take pride in being a weirdo. I think the best part of being human is the fact that we are all different. I love to learn about people and why they are the way they are. Too many people try to fit in or "join the wave" so I really appreciate a person who is true to themself. You'd be surprised how much better you feel when you wear what YOU like, and do what YOU want. For a while, I had trouble finding myself. I was never thin or tall, and I always got picked on and called a "midget" my whole life. Once I learned to just love my body and not let other people's opinions affect me, I became much more happy. I learned to let my personality show through my style and I stopped caring what other people thought about me. Always stay true to yourself!

Brittany Jade