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Dress: H&M || Booties: TJMaxx || Bag: Call It Spring || Denim shirt: H&M || Watch: Burberry

 HEY HEY! Happy Friday loves, it's been a loooong week. I'm finally getting back into the groove of things here at home, including working and shooting for the blog. The weather has been really unpredictable lately, one day I'll be wearing shorts and sandals and the next I'll be wearing jeans lol. 

It was pretty warm the other day. I went to the city to hang with my good friend and grab a bite to eat so I wanted to wear something simple. I threw on this grey maxi dress and I tied the denim shirt around my waist (for aesthetic purposes only.) I loved the way these booties looked with the dress, although I was definitely regretting wearing them about halfway through the day. They are not the most comfortable shoes to walk around in.
Note to self: ALWAYS carry comfortable shoes to change into when going to the city or when walking a lot! The cheetah book bag completed the outfit and added some interest to it.

I don't usually mix colors the way I did here. I like to stick to the same color family, whether it be all neutrals, B&W, cool colors, warm colors or monochromatic colors, but it actually worked in my favor this time. The browns in the bag complemented the denim very well, and the grey color of the dress wasn't too dark where the color of the denim would get lost when next to it. Maxi dresses and skirts are like my favorite things to wear in the spring/summer, which you can probably tell from my posts lol. They're so complementing, and trendy, if you don't have any you better go out and get you some! 

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