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Hat: H&M || Top: Macy's || Button up: The Salvation Army || Pants: F21 || Shoes: Aldo || Bag: MK

So I'm going through a crisis right now where I feel like I have absolutely no clothes. Sure I have a closet full, plus like 10 drawers, and a few bins but nothing seems to meet my needs these days. Everything I own doesn't quite fit the part, I feel that it is so hard to find those perfect items that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. There's nothing worse than looking cute but feeling uncomfortable, I don't know how so many people do it. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way lol. Thankfully, the Fall season is almost here (my favorite season) and it'll be much easier to find clothes that make me happy and make me look good (:
Feeling this way has taught me a great deal on improvising, ya know working with what you have. I just bought these acid washed harem pants from F21 the other day and when I see acid washed denim the first thing I think of is 80's & 90's fashion. It was a bit chilly out so I threw this vintage looking button up I thrifted a while back over my top (check it out in one of my previous posts from last summer: ). Speaking about improvising, this baby pink top is not actually a shirt, it's more like a slip (you know, the tight dress-like things you wear under your clothes to suck everything in LOL). While rummaging through my drawers I could not find a shirt that went with the look I was going for so I figured I'd give this a shot and it ended up working out better than I thought. I elevated the look a bit with these adorable bone colored wedges from Aldo. They're having a great SALE right now so be sure to check them out online or in store! I accesorized a bit more than usual with this body chain I got from Amazon, a whistle chain and bracelets from F21, rings from Aldo and this adorable hat from H&M.

Hope you liked, stay posted for new looks (:



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