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Happy Monday!

I think it's safe to say that we ALL hate mondays. I mean, who really wants to snap back to reality and face the overly busy week ahead of them? I'm a complete mess from Monday - Wednesday every week because of my insanely busy schedule. The thing that always seems to make my busy days feel a little less dreadful is a cute outfit. Its not a secret that when you look good, you feel good, too. The perfect thing to wear on a busy day is a simple jumper (a one-piece outfit with pants) like this simple black one I wore. It saves so much time when picking out an outfit and getting dressed! I definitely prefer mine to be in black because it's the best color to wear, duh. No but seriously, its' such a slimming color and it's so simple to style. Add a statement belt around the waistline to add some more interest to the outfit. This also adds a slimming effect to your waist. Complete the look with a leather biker jacket black, a bright scarf, and pointy flats, for a comfortable yet chic look. 

Tip: To transition this look from day to night, just swap the flats for pointy-toe pumps or booties with a heel, apply some red lipstick, and add a fun clutch!



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