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Hey Loves! Today's outfit post is menswear inspired (one of my fav. fall trends). I've always loved dressing a bit boyish with a feminine twist. It's the perfect way to look stylish but remain comfortable in your clothes, and I've never been much of a girly girl. I kept the color palette simple, with this black fitted blazer from F21 and this silky white button up blouse from New York & Company. Keeping with the menswear theme, I wore these simple boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor LOFT. Because I am only 5'0 it is difficult for me to wear loosely fitted clothes without looking even shorter. Truthfully, I'm not even crazy about these jeans but the sandal heels make my legs appear longer so they both kind of cancel each other out. It's also like an unspoken rule of fashion to never wear a loose top with loose bottoms (or you'll just look wide and short), but I'm all about breaking the rules. If you're confident you can make anything look good!