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 Hey guys! It's really beginning to feel a lot like Winter, even though it's technically still fall (sad face). Luckily, the day I shot this look it was about 55 degrees, which explains why I was able to take my jacket off and not freeze my butt off. I actually wish I wouldn't have bundled up as much as I did, but whatevs.

I spent this day in the city with my friend and my boyfriend, so I wore something pretty casual. It's a very rare occasion when I am wearing jeans, although I am trying very hard to incorporate them more into my every day wardrobe. I went for a slightly grungy, laid-back look with these acid washed jeans and this adorable mesh shirt I thrifted. I topped it off with a neutral scarf and jacket for warmth and pulled the look together with my platform booties. I cannot explain to you how much I love the platform trend (it's safe to say I'm obsessed.) It's so 90's and, well I am a 90's baby. This whole look was pretty much inspired by 90's fashion, it brings me back to a happy place when all that mattered were BRATZ Dolls, Britney Spears and Zoom Disney. I'm sure some of you can relate lol. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!



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