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Nude Necessities

Hey guys! I hope your week is going well! I've been feeling super motivated and excited for this year, and I've decided to start a new blogging tradition for you guys. My biggest interests are styling and graphic design, (as some of you know by now) so I decided to combine the two and start creating outfit collages to give you some inspiration. Every week I will incorporate a different trend into a collage and post it on the blog. I thought this would be a great idea because it is a different way for me to inspire you guys with my style without me actually having to physically take any photos (don't worry I will still be keeping up with my regular outfit posts as well.) You can look for these posts every Thursday. I plan to do my favorite trends for the season, but I am definitely open to suggestions if there is anything you'd like to see! 
Now onto the outfit. Nude is a timeless trend, it looks good during any season and it has a clean, chic appearance. In my opinion, adding any nude item to your outfit automatically elevates your look. Neutral colored coats are all the rage this season and I can definitely say that I am in love with them. I need to get one of my own ASAP.

 Be careful when shopping for nude items though; everyone has a different skin color and not every shade of nude may compliment your skin very well. If your skin is more on the tan/dark side of the spectrum, you should probably stick to medium to lighter nudes. If your skin is more on the fair side, like mine, medium to dark nudes will compliment your skintone best. The key is to make sure the color doesn't look too much like your own skin, otherwise you might just look naked lol. You can go for a monochromatic look (like the one in the photo - with all nude items) or throw in some pops of color. That's the great thing about this color - it looks good with just about everything!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Below are links to each item in the collage. Thanks for reading!


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