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 Hello my lovely fashionistas! I've finally had the chance to do an outfit post. The weather has been really brutal up here; It snows like every single day and I'm lucky if the temp is double digits. Most days, the temp is below zero when I'm going to class (makes me want to smack myself for picking a school Upstate.) I wonder if I'm the only one who finds it harder to be fashionable in this weather . . .

Luckily, it was like 16 degrees when I did this shoot (It's sad that 16 degrees is warm to me lol.) Since   it is Fashion Week season I decided to go with something a little different. I love this boxy knit top from Zara; it's fab and keeps me really warm. Instead of pairing it with the typical skinny jeans or fitted pants most would go for, I decided to throw on my black harem pants. Every single day I have such a hard time deciding on what shoes to wear . . . I want to wear functional shoes that my feet won't freeze or get soaked in but I also still want to look somewhat stylish. I need to find the perfect pair of boots for this reason, if anyone has any suggestions definitely help a sister out! But anyway, I decided on my black platforms because they're simple, functional, and they gave the look the perfect punk vibe I was going for. To keep with the punk vibe, I wore my oversized coat that I thrifted for only $8! I love the high fashion feel of the coat, and it definitely serves the purpose of keeping me warm! I feel like a vampire in it (:< I threw my tan pashmina scarf over my shoulders because it looked really cool haha. And of course, I wore my black "all-purpose" bag to hold my books and such.

I really wish I were in the city attending Fashion Week events *hmph*, hopefully I'l be there next year! I hope you guys liked this look and can get some inspiration from it. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and break the rules!


Until next time,