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Hey Hey! I can't believe it's March already, this semester is just flying on by. It's pretty bittersweet. The bitterness definitely stems from the horrible weather we've been having up here (& midterms this week ugh.) It still snows like every single day and I get so excited when we hit double digits (My life is a joke.) But hey, at least I can wear this cute pink overcoat to keep warm!
I know that in the fashion world it's technically already "Spring" season, but that's clearly not my reality lol. One of my favorite winter trends is pastel colors, so that's kinda what I went with for this look. It's a very big change from  my usual black & white wardrobe, and it's a bit Springy (if thats a word?) I kept the colors really simple from head to toe with slightly different hues of pale pink and a beige knitted hat and taupe booties. The bold patterned scarf added just enough POP to the outfit. I love love love these jeans — they are the perfect fit and they're high waisted (which is my fave.) I bought them at a thrift store a while back and I am going to search for some more like them. I'm going through a "fat phase", you know, when you have to try for 20 minutes to get your pants on? Haha. It's pretty sad actually, a bunch of my jeans no longer fit (the perfect excuse to go shopping!)

Side note: My amazing boyfriend has decided to take on the role as my photographer now & I have to say he's not too shabby! No, but seriously, I am so grateful for him he truly is my biggest supporter and he knows how much my blog means to me. It's really hard finding a consistent photographer, especially when I'm constantly going back and forth from the city to school, so he agreed to learn how to use my DSLR and take my photos for me. I was a bit worried at first because every time I ask him to take a photo of me on my iPhone, I hate it! LMAO. But, he surprised me and learned the basics pretty quickly. So basically, I will be posting much more often now so you guys can definitely look forward to that!


Thanks for reading, have a good week!

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