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Oh, Summer. I love you and I hate you, especially those humid days that make my hair look horrible. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I wore this outfit a few days ago when I went to the city for some Indian food with my boyfriend, then we went out for some drinks after. It was a cooler day (about 70 degrees) so I wore these new high-waist jeans I got from H&M to keep me warm. I definitely loved these much more when I tried them on in the fitting room, but that's what companies want to happen so I guess I got fooled lol. They're comfy and cute, don't get me wrong but I'm not crazy about the way they look on me, I think they're more flattering on taller, and skinnier bodies because the denim is pretty thin and they emphasize every little curve on your body. Some people may like that, but it's not really in my comfort zone. I'm not sure if I'll be wearing these again.

Anyway, onto the rest of the outfit. I was definitely looking to be casual and comfy so I threw on one of my favorite band tees and tied it in the front for a summery look. I wore these scrappy sandals because they let my feet breathe and they're pretty comfy to walk in, plus they're grungy appeal really sealed the whole look together. There was a possibility it was going to rain at night so I wore my black backpack to carry an umbrella, my camera, and all my other belongings because it was the only bag that fit everything and looked cute with the outfit. I love this book bag because it serves many purposes. I kept it simple with accessories, threw on my granny glasses (yes, these are prescripted) and threw my hair in a bun once the humidity got the best of it. Oh, and don't mind my crazy colored hair, I'm redoing it purple in a few days!

Side Note: I'll be in Milan, Italy for one month beginning on Friday, so check back for some posts about my travels + studies + fashion + food while I'm there!

Outfit Details
(All items similar to what I'm wearing)

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Brittany Jade


Outfit details

As you may have noticed from reading my blog I like to pair unusual pieces together, things that most people would never think to wear together. One thing I always think about when getting dressed is balance. For example, if I'm wearing a crop top I will wear it with high waisted bottoms or a loose fitting jacket/shirt over it, or if Im wearing a loose top I like to wear it with more form fitting bottoms. In this case, my top is very short so I wore this high waisted skirt - probably the most high waisted bottom I own. I loved the way this baby pink boyfriend blazer looked with this outfit - it brought out the flowers on my top so well and it added a laid back and almost tom boy-ish feel.

 I chose to wear these gold platform sandals because 1) They are my go-to sandals and 2) They're pretty comfortable to walk in and they toned down the fanciness of the rest of the outfit. I wore this outfit to Smorgasburg, in Brooklyn then to Manhattan to a bar later that night. This outfit is so easy to dress up - just throw on some heels and you're ready to go.

I'm not a big fan of the color pink. It's strange because I used to be obsessed with it, almost everything I owned was pink. Now, I only like to wear really soft pinks like the color of this blazer or really vivid fuchsia pinks. Pastel colors are an obsession of mine and they are PERFECT for Spring & Summer!

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Brittany Jade


I'm baaaackkk! So before I dive into outfit details, let me catch you guys up on my life - or joke of a life. So I haven't been active on the blog - as some of you may have noticed - because, well, a bunch of things really. I don't even know where to begin lol. Let's start with school...So yeah the last stretch of the semester was BEYOND hectic - I had projects on top of projects, plus finals, plus producing the Spring Fashion Show and all the necessary materials (which I was individually responsible for.) So I was pretty busy with school, then one day after I came home from a graduation ceremony to celebrate 2015 graduates who promote diversity on campus (I'm graduating in December) I came home to find out that my house was broken into and a bunch of me and my boyfriend's belongings were stolen - and of course just my luck, my camera was stolen ): I was literally heart broken. I was so shaken up and I could not sleep for weeks. Nothing is worse than not feeling safe in your own home. But most of all, I was so grateful that I wasn't there when it happened and that I was safe, material items can always be replaced. 

So last week, I purchased a new camera - Canon Rebel T5 - and it works much better than my Nikon D3100. I'm happy that I can finally start blogging again! Now onto the outfit. The weather has not been my friend lately. It went from 85 degrees to 60 in the matter of a few days... super annoying. The day I wore this outfit, it started out pretty chilly then warmed up A LOT while I was shooting. I wore this tan trench coat from Zara to keep warm - which began to be a nuisance once the sun decided to come out (I think this look is very Inspector Gadget-esque, right? haha.) I wanted to wear something comfy but would make a statement, and what better than these printed parachute pants? I definitely stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone when I first bought these but I'm glad I did, because that;s what style is all about!I paired these pants with this bustier top thingy - I have no idea what it's called. 

Now the shoes. OMG these shoes! This platform trend has just now stared to go mainstream, which I am pretty annoyed about because to me this isn't a trend. This is my style all the way. I will probably be wearing this style of shoe for the rest of my life lol, no joke. I definitely belong in the 90s because 99% of my closet looks like thats where it came from, and a good amount of my clothing actually did. I swear I was a Spice Girl in another life. But yeah, these sandals are! I needed airy shoes since I was wearing pants, so these were a no-brainer. I finished the look with this tattoo choker - which I used to wear as a kid - this simple gold chain, my watch and little peace studs. I threw on these sunnies and my green cross-body bag and called it a day!


Brittany Jade

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