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Oh, Summer. I love you and I hate you, especially those humid days that make my hair look horrible. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I wore this outfit a few days ago when I went to the city for some Indian food with my boyfriend, then we went out for some drinks after. It was a cooler day (about 70 degrees) so I wore these new high-waist jeans I got from H&M to keep me warm. I definitely loved these much more when I tried them on in the fitting room, but that's what companies want to happen so I guess I got fooled lol. They're comfy and cute, don't get me wrong but I'm not crazy about the way they look on me, I think they're more flattering on taller, and skinnier bodies because the denim is pretty thin and they emphasize every little curve on your body. Some people may like that, but it's not really in my comfort zone. I'm not sure if I'll be wearing these again.

Anyway, onto the rest of the outfit. I was definitely looking to be casual and comfy so I threw on one of my favorite band tees and tied it in the front for a summery look. I wore these scrappy sandals because they let my feet breathe and they're pretty comfy to walk in, plus they're grungy appeal really sealed the whole look together. There was a possibility it was going to rain at night so I wore my black backpack to carry an umbrella, my camera, and all my other belongings because it was the only bag that fit everything and looked cute with the outfit. I love this book bag because it serves many purposes. I kept it simple with accessories, threw on my granny glasses (yes, these are prescripted) and threw my hair in a bun once the humidity got the best of it. Oh, and don't mind my crazy colored hair, I'm redoing it purple in a few days!

Side Note: I'll be in Milan, Italy for one month beginning on Friday, so check back for some posts about my travels + studies + fashion + food while I'm there!

Outfit Details
(All items similar to what I'm wearing)

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