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I'm baaaackkk! So before I dive into outfit details, let me catch you guys up on my life - or joke of a life. So I haven't been active on the blog - as some of you may have noticed - because, well, a bunch of things really. I don't even know where to begin lol. Let's start with school...So yeah the last stretch of the semester was BEYOND hectic - I had projects on top of projects, plus finals, plus producing the Spring Fashion Show and all the necessary materials (which I was individually responsible for.) So I was pretty busy with school, then one day after I came home from a graduation ceremony to celebrate 2015 graduates who promote diversity on campus (I'm graduating in December) I came home to find out that my house was broken into and a bunch of me and my boyfriend's belongings were stolen - and of course just my luck, my camera was stolen ): I was literally heart broken. I was so shaken up and I could not sleep for weeks. Nothing is worse than not feeling safe in your own home. But most of all, I was so grateful that I wasn't there when it happened and that I was safe, material items can always be replaced. 

So last week, I purchased a new camera - Canon Rebel T5 - and it works much better than my Nikon D3100. I'm happy that I can finally start blogging again! Now onto the outfit. The weather has not been my friend lately. It went from 85 degrees to 60 in the matter of a few days... super annoying. The day I wore this outfit, it started out pretty chilly then warmed up A LOT while I was shooting. I wore this tan trench coat from Zara to keep warm - which began to be a nuisance once the sun decided to come out (I think this look is very Inspector Gadget-esque, right? haha.) I wanted to wear something comfy but would make a statement, and what better than these printed parachute pants? I definitely stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone when I first bought these but I'm glad I did, because that;s what style is all about!I paired these pants with this bustier top thingy - I have no idea what it's called. 

Now the shoes. OMG these shoes! This platform trend has just now stared to go mainstream, which I am pretty annoyed about because to me this isn't a trend. This is my style all the way. I will probably be wearing this style of shoe for the rest of my life lol, no joke. I definitely belong in the 90s because 99% of my closet looks like thats where it came from, and a good amount of my clothing actually did. I swear I was a Spice Girl in another life. But yeah, these sandals are! I needed airy shoes since I was wearing pants, so these were a no-brainer. I finished the look with this tattoo choker - which I used to wear as a kid - this simple gold chain, my watch and little peace studs. I threw on these sunnies and my green cross-body bag and called it a day!


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