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Outfit details

As you may have noticed from reading my blog I like to pair unusual pieces together, things that most people would never think to wear together. One thing I always think about when getting dressed is balance. For example, if I'm wearing a crop top I will wear it with high waisted bottoms or a loose fitting jacket/shirt over it, or if Im wearing a loose top I like to wear it with more form fitting bottoms. In this case, my top is very short so I wore this high waisted skirt - probably the most high waisted bottom I own. I loved the way this baby pink boyfriend blazer looked with this outfit - it brought out the flowers on my top so well and it added a laid back and almost tom boy-ish feel.

 I chose to wear these gold platform sandals because 1) They are my go-to sandals and 2) They're pretty comfortable to walk in and they toned down the fanciness of the rest of the outfit. I wore this outfit to Smorgasburg, in Brooklyn then to Manhattan to a bar later that night. This outfit is so easy to dress up - just throw on some heels and you're ready to go.

I'm not a big fan of the color pink. It's strange because I used to be obsessed with it, almost everything I owned was pink. Now, I only like to wear really soft pinks like the color of this blazer or really vivid fuchsia pinks. Pastel colors are an obsession of mine and they are PERFECT for Spring & Summer!

Thanks for reading, 

Brittany Jade

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