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As some of you may have seen from my social networks, I am currently in Italy. I am studying Fashion Styling in Milan, Italy for one month at the Istituto Europeo di Design - One of the top three European fashion schools. I am beyond humbled to have this opportunity to travel and study fashion in Italy. I will be posting updates about once a week including my outfits, foods I eat, weekend travels, and other random stuff.

First, here are some of my travel essentials (aside from clothes, because thats a whole other story.) Starting from the left, is my makeup. This was hard to pack because I had to separate what I will be bringing on the plane in my purse, carry-on and then what will be going in my luggage. For carry-ons, liquids have to be less than 3oz each and in a ziplock bag, so I had to choose wisely. I had my chapstick, a neutral lip liner, mascara, and concealer in my purse so I can easily access them if I needed to touch anything up during my long travel. 

Next, I have my contact lenses and solution, hair products, body lotion and face toner. I've been going natural with my hair, and I'm surprisingly pleased with it. I didn't want to chance bringing my blow dryer, straightener and curling wand, because even with a voltage converter they often still malfunction and break. I also don't want to waste the money to buy an Italian one for one month because I won't be able to use it at home. Before I left home, I trimmed and dyed my hair and now I've been washing it and leaving it in a braid for a day and when I take the braid out it's really wavy and cute. I've been trying to stay on top of my Biotin vitamins as well, to help my hair get stronger and grow faster. I used to take them religiously and they really do work!

My last travel necessities are my iPad mini and a travel journal. On my way to Italy, I lost my phone at the airport - just my luck - so my iPad has been taking the place of my phone from taking pictures, to instagramming and to communicating with people. iPads are so convenient because they are easier to surf the internet and social networks than on an iPhone but they are much lighter and smaller than a laptop so they aren't a hassle to carry around. I bought this travel journal so I can write down my daily adventures throughout my trip and save it in my Italy briefcase. I started buying cute briefcases from Michael's to keep all of my keepsakes from all my travels (tickets, brochures, souvenirs, journals, pictures, etc.) and they also double as decor in my room because they're really cute. 

As I stated before, I am studying Fashion Styling at IED. I am so excited for this course because one of my career goals is to be a Stylist (I also want to be a graphic designer, work at a top magazine company, and to ultimately be my own boss.) It's interesting to see the way classes are taught in Italy as well, especially in the fashion capital of Milan. So far, I really like the school. The professors are much more knowledgable (and definitely more fashionable) than my professors at my home university (SUNY Oneonta.) I have class Mon-Thurs and I travel on the weekends to other parts of Italy. Look out for more posts on my studies and projects.

The Duomo, Milan.

Before I arrived in Milan, I had a completely different expectation of Italy and where I would be living. I pictured it to be like the Italy you see on TV with small side streets everywhere and Italian grandma and grandpas offering you food and all that good stuff lmao. To my surprise, Milan is very similar to New York City in many ways. It's very crowded and busy and very city like. The metro is much cleaner than the NYC subway, though. The people are not friendly at all, there is graffiti literally everywhere and its very easy to get around. The most beautiful part of Milan is the Duomo (pictured above.) The Duomo is the main Cathedral in Milan. It's beautiful gothic architecture took almost 6 centuries to complete. It is the 5th largest church in the world, and the largest in Italy. It really is remarkable, pictures do not do it justice. There is a bunch of shopping around it, too which is my favorite part lol.

My first Italian pizza - It was delicious!

Statue in Duomo Square

The Galleria, Duomo Square (Shopping Mall) 

The Galleria, Duomo Square

The Galleria, Duomo Square

The Galleria, Duomo Square

The Galleria, Duomo Square

The Galleria, Duomo Square

Me and the group I'm studying with having a drink at Long Island Bar (haha) in Navigli (The nightlife area in Milan.)

Here are some of my favorite Instagrams:

Black is always a good idea.

Gelato is an even better idea. (Coconut & Mango)

Mai Thai.

Gelato by the Duomo.

Graffiti by my school.

Breakfast on my balcony.

Front gate of my campus.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, check back in to keep up with my trip!

Thanks for reading,
Brittany Jade

Instagram: @Brittroqksz

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