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 Ciao! Sorry for the late post, I've been soo busy lately I haven't had the time to go on my computer. Here's a recap of my weekend trip to Venice. It was the most beautiful place I've ever visited, hands down. We booked an Air BnB - I recommend this for whenever or where ever you travel, it's the cheapest and best way to really see the place you're staying through a local perspective. In Venice, or as the Italians call it, Venezia, we stayed right over the bridge from the perfect nightlife area "Campo Santa Margherita" and our go-to place was Orange Restaurant & Lounge. They have great drinks, food and service..Oh and free WiFi! I visited Venice during the weekend of July 4th, and of course they do not celebrate Independence Day in Italy, so my friends and I had our own celebration. It was an amazing day - It started with crepes and bellinis (which originated in Venice) for breakfast, then a gondola ride (perfection!), then we went to the beach, got drinks and spent a lot of tim in the water, then we went out for dinner and drinks at night. I would definitely go back to Venice! I hope you enjoy the pictures, leave a comment or email me if you have any questions (:

Entire outfit from Forever 21

My July 4th outfit - Jumpsuit from F21

Thanks for reading,
Brittany Jade

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