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It's that time of year again! Expensive textbooks, new professors, late nights, but most importantly - new clothes! Have fun with your back to school wardrobe this year by adding random additions to your looks. I took a classic school girl look and added some interest with this denim over-all top I cut off a pair of overalls I thrifted. Pairing denim with denim is a simple way to make a fashion statement. Baseball caps are a gift from heaven when I'm having a bad hair day. This hat is going to be my go-to this semester because its casual and it gives off a 90s vibe - and you guys know how much I love the 90s. (Purchase your denim Rose Dreams cap by following them on Instagram- @RoseDreams)

As some of you know, I am starting my senior year at F.I.T. this Fall. I'm excited! I wonder how different it's going to be going to school from home (in the city) rather than being upstate in a college town. I definitely miss that already, if it were up to me I'd do like four more years at school upstate LOL. Anyways, being that I'll be in the city for good I will be more consistent with my posts, and I have a lot of cool things up my sleeve so stay tuned! 


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