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This is the first year I've been in NYC for Fashion Week since High School, so I was eager to style some fun looks and attend as many events as possible.  This year I had the pleasure of attending the shows at Couture Fashion Week at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. I saw a few different collections from Couture designers from several different countries. I also met some great people and was interviewed for a news channel. It was a great experience!

Now onto the outfit. I had fun putting this one together. I am starting to warm up to the return of 70s fashions. Clearly, I am not much of a color or prints person, so I took a minimalist approach and wore pieces with 70s style silhouettes (bell bottoms, chunky heels, off the shoulder shirt, sunnies) in the colors I am most comfortable in (Black & White - as if you don't already know that.) Use this technique when you want to branch out and try something a little outside of your comfort zone. (The opposite is also true, when trying a new print buy it in a silhouette you feel most comfortable in.) This is one of the few outfits I have worn that every piece falls under the same style category. The bookbag with fringe tassels, round sunnies, chunky heels, bell bottoms, off-the-shoulder top, and wide brim hat are all associated with 70s fashion. You can find similar styles in almost every fast fashion store - my favs are F21, H&M, and Zara. A part of me has always admired the hippie culture. I think its because I'm such a free spirit and thats one thing I try to express through my style. 


Thanks for reading!

Brittany Jade

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