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So it's Monday, and as expected, I feel like a zombie. This weekend I celebrated my best friend's 21st birthday & it was definitely an epic weekend, but now I'm paying the price because I cannot keep my eyes open in class. Mondays should be like a universal recovery day where you don't have to go to school or work, don't you think?

I wanted to share one of my looks from this weekend with you guys. I'm obsessed with this red midi dress - it's classic, chic,'s just perfect. Pair it with a simple nude pump, your favorite clutch and pearl earrings for the perfect night out look. Finish the look by curling your hair to the side with a dramatic sweep over in the front and you've got the Marilyn Monroe aesthetic down to a T! Red is such a bold color, but it's not too trendy, meaning it's always been a consistent color in womenswear, especially evening wear, and it's always a great alternative to the 'Little Black Dress'.

Have a great week loves!


Thanks for reading,

Brittany Jade

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