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Hey Guys! So I made this graphic a while ago and never remembered to share it with you. It was actually an assignment in one of my graphic design classes. I had to create an infographic on any topic of my choice, so I chose to incorporate fashion and make an informative cheat sheet to dressing for your body type.

I always hear females complain that they want to dress nicer but can't because of (insert body part they don't like). It's so important to realize the body shape you have and learn how to dress so you can emphasize certain parts of your body and take the attention away from the parts you don't want to be noticed as much. We all have different shapes and we're all different sizes, no specific one is better than the other and we all need to learn to love our bodies, despite what the media makes us believe is "beautiful."
It all comes down to creating balance; if you are top-heavy, you want to wear something that emphasizes your bottom half. For example, printed pants or a flare skirt. If you have a rounder shape, try clothes that cinch at the waist to give you that hourglass effect. This cheat sheet I made is pretty simple and to the point. At the top, I have laid out the six main body shapes that we refer to in the fashion industry. Identify which one is most like your body, then locate that shape icon in the table on the bottom of the sheet. Here it will tell you what part of your body you should emphasize to create the most stylish, and balanced look. I also gave you some suggestions on what type of clothes to wear and what to avoid. I really hope this was helpful, I am happy to answer any questions you may have! 

If you need help reinventing your wardrobe, whether you want to find ways to re-purpose the clothes you already own or you want a whole new look, I can help you with that! I offer styling services at an affordable price for anyone interested - in person if you are in NYC & online if you are located anywhere else. E-mail me for more info

Thanks for reading!

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