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Look No. 1


Look No. 2



Look No. 3

Photography by Jorge Rivera.

Hey loves! I'm so excited to share this project with you. I was actually assigned this project from the university I studied at in Milan this past Summer and I needed to complete it before Thanksgiving. (Refer to the posts from July to see more about my trip to Italy). The project was to style a photo shoot with a theme of our choice. The theme I chose was Androgyny. Androgyny is the combination of male and female characteristics. It is a common trend in fashion and one of my personal faves. I'm not sure if I ever wear one outfit that doesn't combine aspects of both menswear and womenswear. There is just something so powerful about a female in men's or menswear inspired clothing with a touch of femininity. 

So let me break down the whole project for you guys. Prior to doing a shoot, a stylist must come up with a theme, a mood board, and get the clothes, props, and all resources needed to get the perfect picture(s). Normally, a mood board would be one page (digital or physical) and would combine all aspects of inspiration for the photography/lighting style, styling and looks, makeup & hair, and atmosphere and location. For this project, I had to make a separate page for each and I am sharing the styling and hair & makeup looks with you guys - I wasn't satisfied with the other two. Look No. 1 was the most masculine look and Look No. 2 was a bit more feminine. Look No. 3 was actually an extra look the photographer and I decided to do because we had some extra studio time. We went for a much more laid back vibe for Look No. 3. Let me know which look is your favorite in the comments section below.

I had so much fun doing this project, I can't wait to get in the studio again. My biggest career goal is to be a stylist, so I want to get as much hands on experience as soon as possible. The model in these photos is actually a really close friend of mine who is an aspiring model & she had the perfect look for what I was going for. My other friend is a make up artist so I had her do the makeup. I really love working with my friends because we all bring something to the table and what better way to perfect your craft, right? It is so important to support your family and friend's dreams. I've been so much more active with doing shoots, I have so much cool things to share with you guys! 

Photography by Jorge Rivera

Model: Julia Meyer

Makeup Artist: Celeste Ortiz

Images shot at HQ Pixel Photo Studio
Brooklyn, NY

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