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Bomber Jacket || Netted Top || Pants || Sneakers  || Sunnies || Faux Septum Ring

Bombers, Bombers, Bombers. Bomber jackets are definitely all the rage this season. These jackets were popular when I was in Jr High school (Circa 2006). I used to be obsessed with them, I had like five different colors & I am so happy that they're back in style. I think we can credit Kim & Kanye for making them widely accepted this year. They're the perfect streetwear jacket for the Fall into early Winter. They're comfy, they're pretty warm, and they can complement nearly any outfit. I would wear my bomber with casual outfits like this one, or I would go the total opposite direction and wear it for a night out with a cute LBD (Little Black Dress) and heels.

Now onto the rest of the outfit. I actually thrifted this netted top from the Salvation Army when I was living Upstate. My most unique and probably all my favorite pieces are from thrift stores. I think I've earned the title as Thrift Queen, seriously. I don't understand why everyone doesn't shop at thrift stores. I mean, you find the dopest pieces, its much less likely to see someone else with the same piece as you, you can find vintage pieces that were actually made in the 90s, 80s, and even earlier, it's good for the environment (recycled fashion), and most importantly its soooooooo cheap. Like Macklemore said, "I'm gonna pop some tagsOnly got twenty dollars in my pocket". He wasn't lying! I kept the rest of the look pretty simple with these high waisted pants from H&M, which by the way are probably my favorite high waisted bottoms because they fit my waist and hips perfectly and they aren't super long. It's such a struggle shopping for bottoms with my body type because I'm super short (5'0"), I have a tiny waist, wide hips, and thick legs. So when I come across a pair of pants that fit just right, it's a lot like hitting the lotto LOL.

Here are a few links to some great thrift stores in Manhattan, Happy Hunting!:

Manhattan's 5 Best Thrift Shops

Best Thrift Stores in New York City

My Three Personal Faves:

Buffalo Exchange (Two Locations)

Good Will (Multiple Locations)

The Salvation Army (Multiple Locations)

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All images in this post photographed by Mike Welch

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