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In honor of my 22nd birthday today, I'm sharing 22 random facts about me. 

 22. My favorite color is purple, always has been.

21. If I could wear black every single day for the rest of my life, I'd be super happy.

20. The smell of new shoes makes my mouth water.

19. I don't like anything touching my collar bone.

18. I'm Puerto Rican, Italian, and British.

17. My lucky number is 17.

16. I've been 5'0" tall since 2008.

15. I have 6 tattoos (counting my arm as one.)

14. I haven't had my hair in its' natural color since 2008.

13. I've had my nose pierced since I was 13.

12. I was vegetarian for 3 years. 

11. I've always been a nerd in school.

10. In high school, I was cheerleading captain and I was in the marching band.

09. Trap music has my heart.

08. I was bullied a lot in elementary and junior high school.

07. I never met either of my grandfathers.

06. I was born and raised in Staten Island, NY.

05. My laugh is really obnoxious.

04. I played the clarinet for 8 years.

03. My favorite songs of all time is Song Cry by Jay Z & She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5.

02. I do my own eyebrows.

01. I believe in aliens.

I hope you enjoyed this post & learned a bit more about me. I wanted to do a fun, personal post for my birthday. I'm looking forward to this new year and all the blessings it will bring.

Thanks for reading!
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All images in this post photographed by Mike Welch

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