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Want to be comfy without looking like a complete boy? Throw on a baseball tee with thigh high heels for the ultimate sport x sexy ensemble. For a less daring look, pair a classic bomber jacket with a white crop top and black pants that flatter your body shape. Black, white, & olive is always a color combination you can count on to make you look effortlessly chic. These colors are perfect for Fall & Winter (and all year around if you're like me.) Throw on your favorite pair of heels and you're ready to go.

For this look, I had the pleasure of styling social media icon  Alex Isabella in Orlando, Florida. She was such a pleasure to work with. I love seeing females pursue their passion despite the fact that society tells us we are incapable of doing so. Alex is a shorty (literally) just like me. She stands at 4'11 but she doesn't let that stop her from working the camera like a boss. 

It was a really random trip. I was invited by some friends a few days before departure and I decided to take the opportunity to work with new faces and make some new connections. I almost backed out the day before I left NY because my anxiety was at an all time high, but I'm so glad I decided to go. It was an amazing get away, definitely much needed relaxation time. I may do a short post wit a recap on my stay in Orlando, so look out for that.

All images in this post were photographed by Samantha Braun

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