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 Are you feeling lucky? If so, the Casino is the perfect place for you. There is just something so hopeful about the possibility of winning free money. But what does one wear to remain stylish while trying their luck? I always associate the colors red and black with Casinos. Maybe it's the poker chips, or maybe it's the cards. A sexy burgundy velvet dress is the perfect choice for a night of Black Jack & Roulette. Burgundy is in the red family, but it's more fun and mature win my opinion. I just love the deep cuts in this dress! they're super sexy but made well enough to make the dress secure and comfortable to wear all night long. I've been obsessing over Windsor lately. They seem to always have what I'm looking for, before I even know what I'm looking for myself. I guess their job is done. After all, that's how the entire fashion industry works. 
The texture of velvet is very reminiscent of casino furnishings and upholstery. Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics and it is definitely trendy this season. A statement necklace is like the missing puzzle piece when you have a plunging neckline. There's nothing worse than a naked chest. A V-shaped necklace mimics the hemline of the dresses neckline, which is a rule of thumb I like to follow when choosing a necklace. Ankle strap heels add a little something extra on the lower half. They give the eye something interesting to look at, in turn making the legs appear longer. Personally, I love ankle strap heels because I'm slightly bow-legged so I feel like they balance out the shape of my legs and make my calves look much better than regular pumps do. If you wanna go all out but you're working with a small budget like this broke college student right here, finish the look with a faux fur coat. Hey, if I win the jackpot I'll be able to purchase an authentic mink coat. Until then, faux fur will do! LOL
I spent my birthday weekend in Atlantic City and this is the outfit I wore to the Casino. I definitely felt super elegant and stylish as I passed the slot machines. I sure felt confident that I was going to score some big cash. This was only my second time at a casino in my life, so I'm definitely a newbie. I shadowed my friend until I felt like I could give it a try myself. I played a game that's similar to Wheel of Fortune, Black Jack, some slots and Roulette. I was so scared at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. Unfortunately, I didn't didn't get so lucky, but maybe next time!  

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