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I'm welcoming Spring with open arms and a T-shirt dress! I can't explain how happy I am to finally have a taste of warm weather. I usually don't mind the Winter season (after all I am a Winter baby), but this year Winter was pretty gloomy in all aspects. I'm excited for longer days, warmer weather, and new beginnings. I'm celebrating Fashion Freeway's 3rd Birthday this month and looking back on the past few years I can truly say I'm proud of how far I've come - with the blog and personally. These past 3 years have been nothing short of difficult for me between heartbreak, losing my nephew, living on my own/paying bills, adjusting to all the change, anxiety, I could go on forever lol. But despite all the setbacks life has thrown my way, I always manage to get back on my feet and keep moving forward. Some times I feel so lost that I lose motivation and basically disconnect myself from the world. I hate that I always go through that, but it's a necessary evil because during those times is when I get the most clarity about my purpose and I reassure myself that it's OK to feel this way. After all, we're all trying to find ourselves. I'm looking forward to Spring as an opportunity to revamp myself and start fresh. New attitudes, new styles, new opportunities, etc. 

Now onto the outfit. The perfect way to transition into Spring style is to keep it simple. A white T-Shirt dress is comfy and casual, perfect for those warm days when you'll be outside enjoying the weather. High-top Chucks are classic shoes that go with nearly anything. A simple detail like above-the-ankle socks add some interest to the look. A camo jacket is my favorite piece to throw over my simple looks for Spring and Fall. I found mine at a thrift shop, although you can find similar ones in most fast fashion stores. A small black backpack is the perfect bag to wear when you want less hassle and more style. And of course, the most important part of any look on a sunny day - SUNGLASSES! Statement sunnies take any look from 0-100. These dope cat eye sunnies were only $5 from Sunglassspot!

Captured by Briana Peña

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