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Happy Spring! I've definitely been on a huge suede + neutral kick lately and both are perfect rends for the Spring! You can pair any neutrals together and 99% of the time they'll come together perfectly. Velvet was my favorite texture this past Fall/Winter, now for Spring I'm heavily onto suedes. This mesh suede tank pairs perfectly with suede culottes for a texture-ful (is that a word?) outfit. This post goes out to all my fellow shorties: I'm only 5"0 tall, or should I say short? LOL. Every person I meet from social media tells me I'm much shorter than they thought. It never fails. I try to show petite girls that it's possible to wear stylish pieces even though the industry targets taller women. Like I always say, never be scared to step out of your comfort zone and be confident in what you wear. This look is perfect for brunch, weekend festivities, or a casual workplace. 

As some of you may know, I studied graphic design in college as well as fashion merchandising. I've been doing a lot of freelance graphic design work lately and I have tons of ideas that I cannot wait to execute. one of my ideas is to create a fashion illustration for every look I post on the blog (as you see in the beginning of this post.) Graphic design is my biggest passion right next to fashion so I'm so excited to incorporate it more on the blog. If you'd like any design work, feel free to 
email me at

I hope you liked this look & can get some inspiration from it!

All images shot by Mike Fields 

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