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Hey guys! So it's been a pretty rough week for me. My cousin (28 years old) passed away late last week and my family is completely broken by it. I've always been curious about life's mysteries, and one thing I don't think I will ever understand is death. It's just insane to comprehend that someone can be living and breathing one minute and the next they just aren't. . .It's especially hard when you lose someone who was a genuine soul (they're so rare to come across these days), and even worse when they were so young. My heart is so heavy, but I know that he will be in the hearts of all of the people who loved him, forever. Every day I am reminded of how fragile life is and it definitely helps me appreciate every day that I am alive and every person in my life.

On a brighter note, my cousin's passing has taught me to seize every moment and opportunity I am presented with. He was a very creative person, and so I will continue to live out his legacy through  my own creativity. A new venture I started is distressing clothing. I started with T-shirts and hats, and will eventually move on to denim, crop tops, and much more! This Rolling Stones tank was sitting in my drawer for the past few years unworn. I just did not like it anymore, it was boring and looked cheap. So one night I decided to see if I can give it a makeover and it turned out great. Since then, I've customized several T-Shirts, and sold to many happy customers. Ripped jeans and booties are a no brainer when pulling together an outfit with a distressed tank. Funky sunglasses are the perfect addition to spice up the look a bit.

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