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Wearing 'Uncool' cap by AZS TOKYO.

Do you ever stop to think that it could have been you? 
It could have been YOU walking past the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001. 
It could have been YOU who drowned in your house during a hurricane. 
It could have been YOU at the Christmas Party in San Bernadino. 
It could have been YOU sitting in class.

It could have been YOU innocently trying to have a great night with your friends at a nightclub, when your life was suddenly and unfairly taken from you.
 It could have been YOUR cell phone that was ringing off the hook as your loved ones tried to reach you to see if you were alright.
It could have been YOU to speak up and prevent something horrible like this from happening. 

Never be afraid to voice your opinion to someone who seems to be hateful and prejudice in any way. If they seem dangerous, alert officials. Nobody ever deserves what happened this past week in the Orlando nightclub. It's disgusting that hate crimes are still occurring. Wake up people. Open your minds. Stop believing what the media tells you, and stop harboring such hatred. There's nothing cool about it. Being in Orlando when the tragedy occurred, hit so close to home. I couldn't stop thinking about what if it had been me and my family? Never ever take a minute of your life and loved ones for granted. My heart goes out to all of those who lost their lives in the shooting & all their loved ones who have to cope with this horrible tragedy. 

Be open minded. Speak up. Make a difference.


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