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In the front, its all covered up but it's a party in the back. There's just something I absolutely love about unexpected elements in clothing. Cut-outs and backless tops are the perfect example. This bodysuit from Windsor is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. You can dress it up like I did here or down with cute boyfriend jeans or shorts for hotter days. Backless tops are the perfect way to spice up any look without doing too much. 

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Photographed by Elizabeth Malave

Photos retouched by me.

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I've been super stressed lately because of a lot of sudden change in my life. (I don't adapt to change very well obviously.) So, my mom took me out for a mommy and daughter shopping date. NY&Co. was having some great sales so I took advantage and racked up. 

NY&Co. was having a buy one get one $10 sale on all bottoms so I took advantage and got two adorable pairs of boyfriend jeans. NY&Co. has the most comfortable denim ever. They're so stretchy and soft. I wanted to get a light wash and a darkwash to balance out my wardrobe. These shoes were also on sale for $40 and I didn't even think twice about em. I love that they're glamorous but still a fair heel length and not as extravagant as the similar furry heels that are currently on trend. The handbag sale was amazing, too so I grabbed three different colors and styles. They're all really versatile and are great for every day use, I've been in dire need of new bags so I was really excited about their buy one get three free sale.

Onto the next topic, shopping tips. If their was an award for best bargain hunter I'd totally win first place. When I was younger, my mom worked her a** off to support my brother and I by herself so I never really had the luxury of going shopping and getting all the new trendy pieces. I was taught at a very young age how to hunt for bargains and how to make the best out of what I already own. This is why I believe it's not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Below are some tips to follow when you're shopping in order to get the most for your money & the best fit for your style and body. 

01. Always browse the clearance section for similar items you find in the store.

02. Discounts. Look for small imperfections & ask for a discount. You can always bring it to the cleaners or fix it at home. If you have a student ID, ask if they offer student discounts. Use coupons. Check online for coupon codes and upcoming promotions. 

03. TRY IT ON. Always. Clothing always look different on the hanger then they do on your body.

04. Keep your body shape in mind. (Refer to my "Dress Right for Your Body Type" chart)

Some visual illusions that clothing play on the eyes to keep in mind:
- Vertical stripes elongate the body
- Horizontal stripes widen the body
- Black slims the body
- Patterns draw attention 
- Halter tops widen the shoulders
- Cinched waists give an hourglass effect

05. Never body shame yourself because something doesn't fit right. Remember that these clothes are mass produced and labeled to fit an imaginary person. Everyones body is different. *The clothes are wrong for your body, your body is not wrong for the clothes.

06. Set a budget. Add the items up as you shop and take pics out if you need to, but no matter what stick to your budget.

07. Shop alone. This is my favorite way to shop. I take so long to browse through everything and try stuff on and this is often an issue when shopping with someone  else. IF you have that one friend who you can walk into a store with and go your separate ways but who also offers advice when you need it, then you're lucky & you should always bring them along. 

08. Don't buy it just because it's on sale. I had tolerant this on the hard way. Think of it this way, if it wasn't on sale would you still want it?

09. Consider what you already own that will work well with it. The more, the better. The less, the more you should think if you really need it or not.

10. Wear shoes that are easy to slip in and out of.

11. Wear a thong or no-show panties. It makes the clothing look much better when you don't have crumbled up pantylines showing through. 

12. Go shopping on a good hair day & not when you're bloated. 

13. Go shoe shopping at the end of the day. Your feet swell up throughout the day, so you want to make sure your new shoes won't be super tight the next time you wear them.

14. Price to Wear Ratio. If your jeans cost $150 but you wear them twice a week, they might be worth it .

15. Basics. Never think twice about them. If you can, buy two or three at a time. You'll always lean back on these and they can easily be matched with anything in your closet. 

16. Make a list. This is my life story. I literally make lists for everything. Even my favorite TV series (In order) LMAO. But seriously, it helps if you go into a store with an idea of what you want already in mind. 

17. Fabric. Keep this in mind when shopping for a specific season. Cotton is always a good choice because it wicks away moisture and is really comfortable, perfect for all seasons. Manmade fabrics like Nylon are horrible in warm weather. 

18. Refund policy. Always ask what the policy is before you purchase. This is so important, especially if you don't have the chance to try something on.

19. Calculate sale prices before buying. Use the calculator on your phone. Multiply the original price by .(%off) then subtract that from the original. i.e. A shirt originally costs $40 and is marked on sale for %25 off. $40 x .25 = $10 --> $40 - $10 = $30. The new sale price is $30

I hope you found this post helpful & will really keep this tips in mind every time you shop from now on. 

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