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You know what's so ironic about my peachy outfit today? I had a peach for breakfast haha. Ok maybe it's not that funny, but I like to recognize things like that lol. But yeah this is one of my current color obsessions, in addition to blush pink. These pink/orange hues are so simple and neutral they can work with just about anything and also in any season. Though I do prefer to wear them during Spring/Summer. You guys know I love mixing chic with comfy pieces. So I took  a casual twist on this pencil skirt by wearing my go-to sneakers and a bomber. Comfort always comes first for me.

I recently started working at an accessory wholesaler in the product development department.  It can get really cold in the office so I like to wear a light jacket. It feels so great to know that my degree wasn't a complete waste (which I was really starting to believe.) I must've applied to 50+ jobs in the past few months, went on about 5 interviews and had no luck. I currently live with my mom and she's moving out in a month so I was stressing so much about how I was going to support myself. It wasn't until I stopped stressing, found peace, exerted only positive energy & spoke my success into existence that I literally landed the job, amongst many other blessings. I know I know... it sounds so cliché. But one thing I'm learning as I grow is that cliché is usually the way to go. All those sayings you were accustomed to growing up but never really knew the true meanings behind ? Start learning. Dissect them. Understand them in their entirety. And live by them. I promise you'll be so happy you did.

Hope you have a peachy weekend! 

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