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I want to introduce to you guys one of my favorite boutique brands, UPREHLN from my home town of Staten Island, NY. With a major focus on design technique and details, this brand is targeted at the sophisticated street style market. The pieces are simple, stylish, and timeless. The main market for this brand is menswear, but trust me you'll be seeing me rocking a few of their new pieces! 

Read below for a brief description of their newest collection: #SDCFall1617 Campaign (Part I).

Check out their site: UPREHLN.COM

From the CEO & Designer himself, 

"This collection is the Part 1 of the #SDCfall1617 campaign. The majority of these pieces are manufactured with 'Pigment dyed' textures, monochromatic designs and color tones. All very sleek clean and comfortable styles, most hues where inspired by military color pallets (earth tones). All the designs, colors etc.. are a reflection of my own personal style (via @socialclublu). 

The military camo was a big inspiration for this collection mixed with some sleek everyday street style. My Goal is to design timeless garments that challenge current trends by not matching just color coordination (matching is my pet peeve) and by making the consumer feel stylish, comfortable without being (the same) oversaturated with trendiness. "

Site : 

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