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You guys know I love mixing trends. Bringing past influences into modern looks and reinventing zeitgeists of the past. I have a few different moods that define me. One of my staples is my "Rosie the Riveter meets Pin-Up" mood, which is clearly expressed in this look. There's something so classic and chic about a cat-eye, mixed with plaid, red, and denim. It's bad ass yet gentle. AKA ME.

From Rosie the Riveter's feminist symbolism to the glamour of a pin-up girl, I love everything about both ideals and how they celebrate womanhood. Whether you feel comfortable walking out the house practically naked or if you prefer being covered head to toe, the important thing is that it is your prerogative to dictate what you do and don't wear. It is not society's choice, it is not your parent's choice (unless you're still a minor of course), it is not your significant other's choice. It is yours, and yours alone. 

I used to constantly second guess myself. Especially my fashion sense, because I let others opinion's get to me. I never dressed like everyone else. Not only could I not afford to keep up with the latest trends, I was never the type to do (& wear) what everyone else did. This lead to a lot of mockery and jokes, of course. Even to this day, my friends and family make comments about what I wear. The only difference is that now I just laugh it off. I was once in a relationship with a guy who was so insecure that he would try to give me rules and regulations on my wardrobe. God forbid I wore a crop top without high waisted pants that left no skin showing, or leggings without a shirt that covers my behind, or a shirt with a neckline that sits "too low." For a while I thought, "let me be a good girlfriend and sacrifice for the man I love." AND THEN I WOKE UP! I kicked his a** to the curb real quick once I realized what was really going on. Not only was he manipulating me and being a controlling boyfriend (that's NEVER a good thing, ladies!) He was lowering my self esteem and taking me off my path to success, after all my passion is fashion. Glad I dodged that bullet.

After all, when people try to project negativity onto you, it's only a reflection of how they feel about themselves. It's never about you. I was always one to create my own path, and it honestly took me a while to realize that was a great thing.  After all, that's probably why I'm here right now talking to you. 

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Photographed by Elizabeth Malave

Photos retouched by me.

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