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I'm baaaack! I'm so sorry for going M-I-A on you guys, but I was going through one of those horrible - what seems inevitable- phases of uninspired and lost moods that somehow end up making you come back stronger. So here I am! 

I've come to terms with the fact that I have these few statement pieces that I like to rotate and reinvent. I'm pretty sure you guys can tell by looking at my outfit posts. Denim is a classic in my wardrobe and I love finding new ways to spice it up. Keeping it simple with black joggers and booties is a no brainer - less is more! Adding a red bandana for an unexpected pop of color has been a signature of mine since as long as I can remember. Try some fun placement like around your ankle, your upper arm, wrist, neck, head etc. 

The most important style tip I can give anyone is to have fun with it! Take a simple look and throw an unexpected twist on it. Choose one statement piece and challenge yourself to build a look around it. 

Photos by Kadyr Leger

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Brittany Jade


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