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As you saw in my previous post, I decided to go for the glam look this NYE. My boyfriend was right there beside me - bougie as hell with our furs on feeling like we're on the red carpet lmao. Let me live. Honestly, there's no better feeling than bringing in the new year with your loved ones by your side. My circle has grown smaller and smaller with each passing year as I have been more selective with the energy and type of people I choose to surround myself with. I'm not gonna lie, it's really tough sometimes especially when you realize that certain people who have been in your life for a long time may not be good for you. But honestly, what's not growing is dead. So some relationships are better left in the past.

There's something so refreshing about a new year. I hate when people criticize others for having New Year's resolutions. Since when is setting goals a bad thing ?! We're only human and yes sometimes we do not get to the finish line we created for ourselves, but honestly who are you to judge? People who are concerned with what others are trying to do with their lives - especially when they're only trying to make it better - are just plain old haters. When you're focused and motivated you don't seek validation from others nor do you concern yourself with other people's lives. I know that may seem like a foreign concept to many people in this day & age when keeping up with people's lives is the new norm with the rise of social media. Let's be honest, how many people that you follow would you actually acknowledge if you saw them at the grocery store? Let's all make it a point to focus on bettering ourselves this year in every aspect & to be less concerned with others.

I have a lot of dope stuff in store for you guys! I really hope you enjoyed my last few posts. Please feel free to comment below(:

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