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 So, I heard from a little birdie that the velour suit has found its way back into the scene. Kylie Jenner was seen rocking a Juicy Couture sweatsuit on Instagram  and we've seen it in many lines on the Runway during Fashion Week. The suit got some fun updates and is not so dreaded and stereotypical as when it first emerged. It's comfy, it's textured, it's form fitting. Why wouldn't you want one?

The off the shoulder detail like the one I'm wearing takes a modern twist on this old school ensemble. Dress it up with heels or booties for a casual meets chic vibe. I really took it back with an oversized denim jacket embroidered with Disney's Winnie The Pooh characters. I thrifted this jacket at L Train Vintage. This is one of my favorite thrift stores in NY. They are a chain of privately sourced thrift shops and they have THE BEST vintage denim election you could find. My only issue is that they never seem to have denim jeans in my size (US 6). They're either way smaller or way larger. Otherwise, you're guaranteed to find the dopest denim jackets, cutoffs and soon much more there. I have been thrifting for years now. I mainly starts thrifting for two reasons.

1. I never had the disposable spending money required to shop at fast fashion and higher end stores for every season.
2. I love having unique pieces that nobody else has.

Thrifting has become a very popular shopping trend lately and I am happy about this shift. Not only does it help people find their individual style and get more creative with their wardrobe but it helps reduce waste. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to worldwide waste. Buying pre-loved pieces is an all around win.

Some of my favorite thrift/reselling shops in NY are as follows

L Train Vintage
No Relation Vintage
Buffalo Exchange
Beacon's Closet
The Salvation Army

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and really consider thrifting instead of shopping at Forever 21 the next time you go shopping!

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Brittany Jade


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