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It goes without saying that Rihanna was not the most studious teen. She was constantly sent home from high school for breaking the dress code by adding some spice to her utterly boring school uniform. Shoot! I don't blame her one bit, I'd probably do the same. That's probably why I am growing such fondness for the multi faceted celeb - we are both rebels at heart. Rih was never one to go with the flow and follow the crowd. She always paved her own way and that is what I admire most about her. Coincidentally, today is International Women's Day and I am all for celebrating the genius mastermind that lies behind her beautiful green eyes of hers. 

When it comes to collaborations between celebs and fashion brands, the question always arises about how much input the celebrity actually had in the creation of the pieces. Fenty x Puma's AW 17 presentation at Paris Fashion Week is a pretty honest display of Rihanna's large contribution as creative director for this collection. Personal influences of Ri can be seen throughout the collection with her lucky number (13) and her birth year (1988). The collection embodies the core of both the fashion forward singer and the athletic brand with oversized knits, slouchy silhouettes high platform shoes, and just the right amount of exposed skin. The contrast between athleisure and high fashion is the perfect equilibrium. I fell in love with this collection the moment I saw it because it is a reflection of my personal style.

The greatness stretches far beyond the clothing in this collection. To express even further how much of a creative genius Rihanna is, the runway was made to resemble a collegiate library. Models could be seen strutting their stuff atop a library table with study lamps and lockers behind them. Growing up in Barbados meant wearing a boring ol' uniform to school for all of Rihanna's childhood, so this was a very exciting concept for her to develop. It's safe to say she's done it again and be ready to see inspiration from this collection hitting the streets really soon and this upcoming Fall season.

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