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Hey guys! Did you miss me? I've missed myself! These past few months have been really rough. Nothing will make you feel lost and sad and broken and all of the above like a break up (on top of a lot of other lifestyle changes.) I've struggled so much with feeling happy, healthy, balanced, and fulfilled these past few months. I've been doing nothing but working and everything I can do to keep myself busy and make money. So not fulfilling. *sighs* I haven't posted in a while because 1. I've been feeling really uninspired and 2. I haven't really been feeling myself and 3. I haven't found the time to shoot or think of interesting topics for you guys. 

I love the fact that through every setback, the comeback is always stronger than before. Being at your lowest will really make you look in the mirror and around you and dig deeper to find clarity. I've learned SO much about myself and others these past few months. I've humbled myself in ways I couldn't even imagine. I've also realized that I have a lot of unhealed wounds that I really need to get past for good. At times I thought about giving up. Just packing a bag and leaving without any warning. I've even had really bad days where I felt like dying was a better option than living in this mundane and hopeless society. I've battled with depression for a while and it really is no joking matter. If you or anyone you know is feeling this way, seek help. Listen. Find a reason to keep going. Find inspiration. My personal challenge is opening up to people and telling them when I'm going through something. I've always had this issue and it's probably why I have such hard time staying happy. Recognizing is the first step, taking action is the next.

What's not growing is dead. Always remember that.

Ok now onto the outfit. It's getting hot AF in New York which means more skin. I've been hitting the gym like crazy so why not show off my mini abs in this bomb a** ultra cropped hoodie and bikini top (Yes, this is a bathing suit. So? You gotta get creative!) Mom jeans pull the look together by elongating the legs and giving it a casual feel. Add a little femininity with fringy lace up heels and exaggerated cat eye sunnies.

 All in all, my main message is to love yourself. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. What are your core values? Do your daily actions reflect these values or do they say the opposite? Do the people around you's values align with yours at all ? If not, you should probably reevaluate your relationships with them. Are your relationship issues really what your partner is doing wrong or is it coming from an unhappy place within yourself? Are you drinking enough water and feeding your body the things it needs and deserves? Learn to put yourself first sometimes but still be selfless. Don't ever let other people's actions or lack thereof, define your worth. Once you truly learn to love yourself you will be able to give out endless amounts of love. And so the story begins.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Photos by Elizabeth Malave

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Brittany Jade


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