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It's only right that I come back from Puerto Rico and get my "Jenny from the block" vibes on. I went totally nostalgic with this look all the way down to the setting - a classic NYC Bodega. It's no secret that the 90s culture is back in full force. From patent leather shoes and clothing, Adidas tracksuits, fishnets, and even Juicy Couture. Our generation is definitely taking a hold on the current trends with some of our favorite - and not so favorite - trends from our childhood. I have never been one to rock a Juicy Couture sweatsuit, truthfully I rarely follow trends straight on. I stay true to my own style and add some touches of whats hot at the moment. Who wants to look like everyone else? Not I.

One 90s trend I do absolutely love is large logotype (worded logos, not images) and tube tops. So when I saw this cute JUICY top at Urban Outfitters I had to snatch it up. I'm really making an effort to wear the least amount of black as I possibly can this Summer. It's so hard for someone who's wardrobe is 90% black. A white tube top like this is definitely more comfortable and cool for those hotter days - no sweaty armpit marks lmfao! I kept this look extremely casual with black jeans and some neutral kicks. Extreme cat eye sunnies and large hoop earrings brought the whole JLO vibe together. Now I didn't use JLO as inspiration when getting dressed. I honestly just winged this outfit. I picked up the top one day after work while browsing around and just paired it with what I had in my overnight bag to stay with my boyfriend for the week. I try not to put too much thought into my looks, thats usually when they come out best. 

Now can we just talk about how great our NYC Bodegas are for a second? I don't think I really appreciated them until I lived Upstate for 3 years and ALL the stores except for Walmart closed at like 9pm. LIKE WHAT ?! Plus there's absolutely nothing that compares to a NYC baconeggandcheese sandwich. Add a little salt, pepper, ketchup & a little hot sauce please. Any real New Yorker knows how great a feeling it used to be when you were in elementary school and somehow you'd scrounge up a dollar and go to the corner store and rack up on snacks! A quarter juice, a bag of chips, a fudge round AND some gum. One dollar used to go so far man. I miss those days. I complain about NY a lot but this place will forever be home to me and I am beyond grateful to come from a place where I got to experience so many different cultures and people of all different social classes every day. There's such a strong sense of authenticity and pride that comes with being from NY. After all they do say it's the greatest city on Earth, right? ;)

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Photographed by Odd Native

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