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So my boyfriend and I took a quick weekend trip to Miami this past weekend. We were originally going to go the previous week for a friend's show but our flight was cancelled due to inclimate weather. So we had the airline rebook us for the weekend after - which actually turned out better anyway. 

The outfit I wore to Rockwell Miami on Friday night.

Rockwell, Miami

On Saturday we hung out around the pool area of the Mondrian Hotel where the fashion show we were attending would be held later that night.  I loved this place! The pool was beautiful right off the waterfront with hammocks, cabanas and a bar and $20 piƱa coladas *straight face*. After our pool sesh we changed into our all white attired to attend the Swim The Globe fashion show. Truthfully I'm not a fan of fashion shows. I lose interested after the third model comes out. Now I understand why Anna Wintour wears pitch back shades to shows bc I feel myself drifting into sleep as well. 

Swimsuit from Zara / Sunnies from Fantaseyes

Miami International Airport

On Sunday we wanted to spend most of the day at the beach relaxing before we caught our flight back home around 730pm. We ended up going with a friend to the Soho Beach House. It's a members only (& hotel guests) venue with a rooftop pool, a dice pool, several lounge areas and a private beach. We chilled on the beach and at the pool for a few before heading to the airport. When we got to the airport (like literally just walked through the doors) we got a notification that our flight was delayed until 11pm. We were really upset because we could have spent more time at the beach had we known. We decided to not even go through the hassle of heading back and just killed some time at the airport. 

It was a really rough trip back. There was soooooo much turbulence and I was stuck in the middle seat. I had an anxiety attack like 30 minutes in. I was never happier to be off a plane in my life lol. Then I woke up and went back to work the next day. It's been a loooooong week. I'm off to the Poconos, Pennsylvania for the weekend for my nephew's birthday, then to Jamaica for a week. I've been traveling so much and I couldn't be happier. I'm such a free spirit, traveling makes me feel whole. So till next time loves.

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