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I think we can all agree that growing up isn't an easy thing. Scraped knees turn into broken hearts. Band aids turn into alcohol. Time outs turn into getting kicked out. Friendships were so innocent and you could never imagine your best friend hurting you. Boys had cooties. Our parents were super heroes in our eyes. Our biggest concern was who was going to jump first when playing jump rope at lunch. Rock, Paper, Scissors solved all our problems. We were all in such a rush to grow up, little did we know we were living the best years of our lives.

The hardest part of growing up for me is finding balance. Finding the right balance between working and playing, giving love and receiving love, drinking enough water, fruits and veggies and still satisfying my sweet tooth. Below are some points I try to stick to every day to help me feel like I'm getting the hang of this thing.

Work hard but take some time to have fun. Go out with your friends on the weekend, go go-karting, jump out of a plane. Whatever floats your boat.

Get dolled up some days but other days walk around your house with nothing but a big tee on, no makeup, hair a mess.

Make time for your loved ones but take time for yourself too.

Love hard. But also learn how to receive it. From friends, family, your significant other and even strangers (we forget this one the most.) Don't let a heartbreak make you close yourself off forever. Don't be afraid to be open again.

Forgive for your own peace of mind and because we're all only human. But never settle for less than you deserve. It's ok to remove people from your life even though you still have love for them if they're not good for you.

Go to the club and turn up some nights but on others shut off all distractions and meditate 

Drink that green juice but also eat that ice cream (How can you say no to cookies N' cream?)

Clean your room but also dance around it in your underwear like no one is watching.

Sing in the shower.

Jump off the cliff.

Swing on the swings at the playground.

Scream at the top of your lungs. ( I really do this sometimes - it helps let off some steam. Lmao)

Be open to new opportunities and people but know when to say 'No'.

 Tees from Bob's Liquor Store

I think the most important lesson to learn about growing up is to love yourself. Love your own company. Learn to look in the mirror and tell yourself how great and blessed you are. Learn to not depend on others for your happiness. Learn to do things on your own, from cooking and cleaning to going out to eat and to the gym. Learn to forgive people for their mistakes no matter how bad they hurt you, because at the bottom of it all the issue isn't you. It's them. Learn to be ok in complete silence. Learn to be ok in complete chaos. Just try to take lessons away from every single thing you go through and every person you come in contact with. 

Moral of the story: always keep your true kid at heart alive.

Photography by Elizabeth Malave

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Brittany Jade


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