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My last trip for the Summer (I think) was to the beautiful island of Jamaica. I was lucky enough to experience it with two of my best friends and a bunch of other amazing people. Jamaica has always been on the top of my list of places to visit. I love the culture. The food is delicious, the music gives me a high that I can't compare to anything else and the people are so open and loving. The moment I stepped foot off the plane I felt the calm energy the island boasts. I knew it was going to be a great experience. So let's dive right in.

Day 1:
I flew in with my best friend Celeste. We landed around 1030am and waited for our ride at the airport. It was one of the most comfy flights I've ever taken. I had an "even more space" seat that they bumped me up to for free and they had a whole list of movies to choose from. The ride to the hotel though, was nowhere near as enjoyable. We were packed out in a beaten down car with my huge suitcase stuck between us. It felt like it was 100 degrees, no AC, and with traffic it took us nearly 3 hours to get to the resort. We stayed at the ClubHotel Ru Negril  , which is an all inclusive resort located on the strip in Negril. 

When we arrived we got settled into our room, freshened up, took some shots and went straight to the resort beach. The water was crystal clear and so warm you could just lay there foreverrrrrr. We took the rest of the day to relax around the resort and we definitely took advantage of the swim up pool bar.

My Best friend Celeste, Check out her vlog of our trip here & don't forget to subscribe to her channel!

Day 2: 
We ate breakfast at the buffet (disgusting.) Then we headed to Rick's Cafe to go cliff jumping. I was told that the food is very expensive and totally not worth it so we stopped at a local jerk shack to grab food on the way. One of our friends is from Jamaica so he took care of us and made sure we weren't taken advantage of because, clearly, were not from there. I ordered stew chicken and we sat at a table by the water to eat which was pretty much everything I imagined it would be. I'm a huge fan of Caribbean food. There's a few spots in Brooklyn that are my go-to's so I definitely had high expectations for the food in Jamaica. The food on the resort fell extremely short, but this place in particular was AHMAZINGGGG! 

How to make water shoes look cute 101

Rick's Cafe had a beautiful view with the most vibrant blue water I've ever seen. It was extremely salty though which left us dehydrated, exhausted and with dry skin and hair. I definitely recommend bringing some lotion and conditioner or moisturizer to apply after in order to avoid this problem. There were cliffs at three different heights to jump from. I'm becoming a punk the older I get so you know I only jumped from the shortest one haha! I used to be so fearless and make fun of my mom for being such a scaredy cat when it came to thrill seeking activities, but truthfully I'm slowly becoming her. Why do we love to do things that make us feel like we might die? Such strange creatures we are lmao. 

Once we left Rick's Cafe we headed to the beach to hop on a glass bottom boat to go snorkeling. I've been snorkeling once before in Mexico and I hated it because my brother kept throwing bread near me so all the fish could swarm me. This time was much more enjoyable. The ocean is really an entirely different ecosystem that we're foreign to. It amazes me seeing and learning about all the different life forms down there. There were see urchins EVERYWHERE! I guess they protect their territory, like gangs lmao. After snorkeling for about 30-45 minutes we headed to explore a nearby private island. We walked from one end to the other BAREFOOT. Once I got past the initial "ick" feelings I felt so free. It was amazing and the sun was starting to set so that just topped it all off. Did I forget to mention we were lighting up literally every where? lol it's such a normal part of Jamaican culture, it's probably why everyone there is so chill and loving. I would love to see what America would be like if recreational marijuana use became a normal thing. I predict it will happen within the next ten years. 

Me, Celeste (center), Briggett (right)

Snorkeling finds (We threw him back in after)

On the shore of the private island

Taking in all this beauty

No words.

Day 3:
We were planning to hang around the resort because we were pretty worn out from the previous day's adventures but my friends' family was going to this natural spring and they invited us so we figured why not?! One of my main objectives on every trip I take is to experience the place as the locals do more than what is typical of tourists. We were lucky enough to link up with a bunch of people from Jamaica who we trusted and we definitely got to experience more than the tourist-y attractions. 

Enjoying the ice cold spring water on this 95 degree day

Because I like to climb shit

Driving along the streets looking out the windows at the tiny houses that these people live in and even the businesses was so humbling. To think that these people barely have electricity, gas, air conditioning and even bathrooms for some is insane. Yet they are still some of the happiest and most loving people in the world. It just goes to show that you don't need more to be happy, simplicity is beauty. When we got back to the hotel it started pouring so we waited for it to stop to get dinner. Dinner was gross, again ): My friends went out to the club later that night I ended up knocking out right after dinner (pretty much every night, I know..I'm a grandma.)

Space buns are a go-to when my hair is wet and unruly. Sunnies from Fantaseyes

Day 4:
We finally got to hang out around the resort for the day. We spent most of our time at the swim up pool bar. We met some cool people and drank a little too much just as you're supposed to when you're on an all inclusive vacation. Later that evening we went to our friend's family party about 20 minutes from the resort. It was so dope being able to be apart of real Jamaican culture and events. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Jamaican culture. The music, the food, the people, everything about it intrigues me. Especially the music and the food. I grew up listening to Bob Marley because my dad was a huge fan of his (not that my dad was in my life much - I'll get to that in another post.) 

Disgusting flaming shots

Gyal you a party animal lmao

Change of outfit for the family party

Day 5: 
This was our last full day in Jamaica *sad face.* We spent the day around the resort again. This time it was Jamaica's Independence Day so there was a bunch of activities and amazing food around the resort. We had the best seafood paella on the beach and fresh coconut water.. OH.. MY... GOD. 

After we ate me and one of my friends went kayaking. Once we got out far, we just sat there for a while taking it all in. It was so amazing to sit in the middle of this blue water and just BE. No worries about work, or family drama or boyfriends or anything. We felt so blessed to be there in that exact moment. 

This was the first trip I ever took with my friends - besides our usual trips to ATL to all reunite. I've known these girls pretty much my entire life, we've been best friends for over 10 years now. We all don't come from much. We come from the shlums of Shaolin as we like to say lol. Our parents have always busted their asses to make sure we lived a better life than they did and we can proudly and humbly say that we are doing exactly that. At 22-23 years old we're all pretty much supporting ourselves, and working endlessly to achieve all our goals. We don't get to see each other often - Briggett lives in Florida, Sam (who wasn't able to make it o the trip) lives in Atlanta, and Celeste lives right around the corner from me in Staten Island - but whenever we do link up its like we were never apart. I can go on and on about my friendship with these girls & just friendship in general but I'll leave that for another post as well. To put it simply, I've enjoyed every minute I spent growing with these girls and to be able to experience the beauty of Jamaica with them was an absolute blessing. We plan tot take annual girls trips - a tradition I really hope we keep even when we get married and have kids. 

I really hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my trip to Jamaica. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with me! (:

Thanks for reading!


Brittany Jade


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