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So here's a total disclosure. This isn't going to be a sappy love post, nor is it going to be the answer to all your relationship problems. I am no relationship guru (I mean, clearly.) Truthfully, Im just trying to figure it all out myself. I was really hesitant about writing this post because I tend to keep my personal life very private, which is really important in this age of social media. It's important to do things just for the sake of doing them because you want to, not because it'll look good on your Insta feed. Ok back to what I was saying - sorry I have a serious problem of getting sidetracked haha!

This is a dedication post to all my fellow ladies who held onto hope for far too long. To the ladies who have been broken down by a boy whom they gave their all to. This is for the girls who think they "need" him, so they stick through all the bullshit and forgive him. This is for all the females who suffer from anxiety or depression and worry that leaving him might make matters worse. This is for the ones who stay with him even though he makes their anxiety or depression worse. This is for all the ladies who toss and turn at night having nightmares about him lying with another woman. Who lose their appetite and feel like puking every time the thought of his infidelity and lies come to mind. Who have this horrible knot in their stomach that they can't seem to shake. This is for the ones whose intuition tells them he's not being real, but choose to ignore it instead. This is for all the ladies who gave him way too many chances. This is for the ladies that took him back before making him prove that he has changed. This is for the ladies who stayed because of the fancy dinners and lavish lifestyle. This is for all the ladies who got dozens of roses sent to their job because he felt guilty about hurting you, but never actually got his act together.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m very much a “relationship person”, some will even call me a “relationship hoe.” Yeah, I didn’t think that was a thing either, but apparently anything you do nowadays gets criticized. Truth is, I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in true love and all the sappy shit. Its an amazing feeling to share great experiences with your counterpart. However, in this day and age it serves as a big challenge to cherish relationships the way that us "Hopeless romantics" do. I'm learning to be much more selective now and content with my own company. I’ve realized that my need to be needed by someone comes from the absence of my father in my life. I never wanted to admit to myself that I have Daddy issues, but admitting is really the first step. And truth is, I don’t want anyone to NEED me anymore. That never leads anywhere good.  I won’t go into detail on this subject just yet - look out for an upcoming post with more on this topic soon. It should be a good one! lol

This is for all the ladies who really started to believe that they were crazy because he always reminded you how much you were and boyyyy were his manipulative words so persuasive. So poisonous. Like venom shooting into your skin from the teeth of a snake. They burn too, just like it. But there is always an antidote. Mine was self love. Never think your value is based on someone else's inability to love you the way you deserve.

The main message I am trying to convey in this post is to know your worth ladies (& men, too where it applies.) Stay true to your values and your standards (as long as they aren't impossible). Once you start to make exceptions for people, that's the first step to failure. You literally allowed yourself to be in a situation you didn't want to be in because you thought maybe you were being too harsh with your standards. We have standards for a reason! I have a knack for doing this and the relationship fails. every. single. time. I'm not saying this to sound like a preacher. I'm speaking from personal experience. I woke up one day and realized that my relationship hit a dead end and I was settling for way less than what I am worth and I just decided to change my life. I have never been happier. It may sound a little dramatic but I feel like I was given another chance at life. Starting over is scary at first but it ends up being an amazing thing.

I cannot stress how important it is to really love yourself before investing into someone else. By loving yourself I don’t just mean looking in the mirror and liking what you see, although that is a very huge part of it. But I mean reallyyyyy spending time with yourself. Getting to know yourself again. Listening to the music you loved as a child, as a teen, reminiscing on all the moments that made you - You! All the pain you went through that made you stronger and wiser. All the happy times that left you yearning for more. Reaching for all the dreams you had as a kid that you suddenly pushed to the side for college textbooks & a 9-5 or just simply because everyone seems to make you believe they’re too far out of reach. Appreciating all the people who came in your life and left and all the things you learned from them. Travel far - if you’re up for it, I’ve heard solo travel is one of the most empowering things you can do & I plan to do it soon myself. Get to know your family. Ask about their childhood memories and how different society was when they were growing up. Set an example for the young ones. Look at old pictures and relive that exact moment. Meet new people and be open to people you wouldn’t normally associate with. Splurge a little on yourself - after all you work hard for YOU, right? Take up the whole bed when you sleep. Reorganize your room. Clean out your closet. Pick up a hobby or try finding a new one. Do things that scare you. Just be happy and realize how blessed you are. I am telling you, 99% of relationship issues always stem from within. We then start to project our own insecurities onto our partner and it creates a snowball effect. This can all be avoided by learning to truly love yourself and knowing your value.

Moral of the story is: wipe those tears, put on some kicka** lipstick, wear your favorite jeans that make your booty look big, look in the mirror and remind yourself of how much of a bomb a** chick you are. Then conquer the world (:


A hopeless romantic

Photographed by Robert Asomaning



I can't stress how important comfort is to me. I find that most trends or really cute pieces aren't very comfortable which is why I usually dress simple and don't care much to follow trends. It's also why I only wear like 20% of the clothes I own haha. If the fit is complimentary to your figure and comfortable, ISSA GO! 

This look is perfect for those days you want to effortlessly slay. An oversized hoodie worn as a dress is comfy AF, you can shake your booty freely, and it's perfect for those days when the weather is the perfect mix between warm and cool. I wore a pair of black spandex shorts underneath to cover up the goodies. Black booties are a simple and sleek way to elevate the look. If you're having a bad hair day or just want a more urban look, throw on a dad cap. 

I am loving the camo + orange combo so much right now. A vibrant orange is the perfect contrast to muted green hues for any street wear look. I loveeee this "New Yawka" cap designed by my friend Rob Manuchi for his brand, Manuchi. I think all New Yorkers are a little ethnocentric but I think we deserve to be. New York is really a special place that not everyone is cut out for. Make sure to check out his stuff and stay up to date with him for new releases & events! 

 New Yawka cap by Manuchi | Orange hooded sweatshirt dress | Black Booties | Iridescent Shield sunnies

Shot by K Visionary

Thanks for reading!


Brittany Jade


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